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Cathay Pacific Airways launches special airfares to U.S.

by Richa G 25. January 2013 05:17

Cathay Pacific Airways recently launched special airfares offering its customers opportunity to book cheap flights to select U.S. cities from Australia.
The customers can take advantage of these incredible airfares by booking cheap tickets starting as low as $1,848* round-trip.
Hurry up and book your flight tickets by up till January 31, 2013 to enjoy these great airfares on offer now. The travel period starts from February 1 through May 31, 2013.

The fares on this offer are valid for travel to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. The departures are available from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.
Fare Details:

  • Sydney to New York – From $2,085*
  • Melbourne to New York – From $2,065*
  • Perth to San Francisco – From $1,849*
  • Sydney to Los Angeles – From $1,868*
  • Adelaide to Chicago – From $1,872*
  • Brisbane to San Francisco – From $1,873*
  • Perth to Los Angeles – From $1,848*
  • Melbourne to Chicago – From $1,848*

* The fares on this offer are round-trip, and include all government taxes, airport fees and fuel surcharge. Other terms and conditions are applicable.

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Copa Airlines to launch Boston-Panama City flight in July

by Richa G 25. January 2013 05:17

The international flights of Copa Airlines would now connect the Central American country Panama with the United States. Copa Airlines recently announced it will be launching its nonstop flights services between Boston and Panama City in July this year.

The airline in a statement said that the flight would depart from Boston’s Logan International Airport just before 10 am ever day for Panama City. The airline will deploy a 124-seat Boeing 737 aircraft to operate flight on Boston-Panama City route. The airline stated that it will be offering cheap air tickets starting at $528 round-trip.

Boston is currently the largest U.S. market, which is still without a nonstop flight to Central or South America, despite having a great demand. More than 400,000 passengers traveled between Boston and the nearly 60 cities in Latin America in 2011 where Copa Airlines serves out of its hub in Panama City.

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Air Canada becomes Four-Star Airline in North America

by Richa G 25. January 2013 05:04

Air Canada recently became the only international network carrier in North America to get a Four-Star ranking. This was disclosed after a study conducted by an independent U.K. research firm Skytrax.

The Skytrax rating is much-coveted and considered an airline industry benchmark. The rating is based on detailed, independently conducted quality analysis by the UK research firm across more than 800 different areas of airport and onboard service and product delivery.

Calin Rovinescu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Canada, said that it is a matter of great delight that Air Canada is now the only international network carrier to have achieved this significant industry benchmark.

The business class flights conducted by Air Canada are most preferred by business travelers in Canada. According to the 2012 Canadian Business Travel Survey, more than 79 percent of frequent business travelers in Canada preferred to book business class tickets and travel by Air Canada. In 2012, the readers of Premier Traveler voted Air Canada "Best North American Airline for Business Class Service".

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Airline News

Spotting the Spas in Phoenix

by Richa G 4. January 2013 03:36
Welcome to Spaland, Phoenix, a place where nature offers its best to nurture health spas that are not only appealing, but also functional; a place where the art of healing through spa therapy is perfected along with the commerce of attracting people to this art. It all started in the early 19th century when people flocked here believing the desert had powers to cure ailments like tuberculosis. This craze was capitalized by the Land of the Sun to make it the Land of the Spa it is today.

So where are the best resort and destination spas in Phoenix?

The Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms Resort
Exquisite massages in private terrace suites with a fabulous view, the best of spa amenities, excellent service and innovative touches like a rain shower make the Alvadora Spa a favorite with locals and tourists. Whether you want your spa therapy in your special spa suite which has its own soaking pool and spa amenities or you want a relaxing massage done in the charming Alvadora spa with its private gardens and waterfalls, the choice is yours; but the satisfaction you get is guaranteed. Insider tip: try the Citrus Body buff and couples massage here.

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa
Make sure you book in advance to enjoy this ultra-luxurious spa resort. With its spectacular setting, unique architecture, meditation gardens and Watsu pool, the spa at Sanctuary Camelback is serious about its healthcare attitude. The resort also understands that the purpose of spa therapy is defeated when it is not accompanied by the right diet. The resort’s special spa cuisine rubs in this message; so don’t be surprised when you are offered a spa menu after your workout.

Aji Spa at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass
The flavor, essence and spirit of the Aji Spa are its Native American core. Experience wonderful therapies that come straight from the ancient American book of rituals; the massages and ingredients like red clay from the Gila River further enhance the experience. The ambience too is stunning and thoughtful with a completely private outdoor space for women.

Joya Spa, Montelucia Resort
The Joya Spa speaks of transformation, purification, self-discipline and meditation in its Spanish and Moroccan themed health temple. Traditional values on one hand, modern functionality on the other, make this a completely irresistible spa to visit and stay in. After soaking in the luxury of Hammam, enjoy the state-of-art equipments of Joya like the zero-gravity chair for your pedicure, a dancing massage table and jade massage rollers.

Golden Doors Spa at the Boulders
Should you opt for Pilates, Yoga or Tai Chi for your body rejuvenation? Why don’t you ask the in-house astrologer at the Golden Doors Spa at the Boulders resort? With Group Shamanic experiences, talking tree readings and Hopi medicine wheels, you will be forgiven when you wake up in the midst of your spa massage and think you are in the sets of the movie Avatar.

Plenty of spa options ranging from affordable to posh, each offering its own signature touch and a completely different experience in Phoenix; try at least one of these options for a truly refreshing holiday.

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Five Places to Take a Nap in Munich

by Richa G 2. January 2013 03:36
Does this make sense? Of course, the best place to take a nap during a holiday would be in a soft bed in your hotel; and since Munich has plenty of these, why bother? Because Munich gives its visitors the opportunity to take a nap in places other than its hotel beds! When you consider the jet lag, stress of traveling and just the pleasure of a holiday nap, why not? Discover the places in Munich where you can grab a quick twenty winks to get refreshed in the middle of a holiday.

Napcab Sleeping Cabins
Your own private sleep chamber amidst the bustle of a chaotic airport. Is that possible? It is in Munich! The Napcabs in the non-public area of Terminal 2 near gates G06 and H34 offer welcome respite from the crowd and noise for just € 15 per hour during the day and € 10 per hour at night. This is a blessing especially if you have to wait for long for your departure flight or for a transit flight. Apart from a bed, the nap cab also provides a work desk, music station and internet. It's like a mini hotel in the middle of the airport.

Englischer Garten
Find your favorite spot in this vast paradise and settle down for a relaxing nap with the sky as your canopy. Enjoy the beer, currywurst and pretzels along with a swim in the river; after all this, get back to sleep again. Nothing can be more relaxing than a sunbathing session in the Englischer Garten watching people strolling, lazing around, walking their pets, playing and enjoying the fresh feeling of being outdoors.

Enjoy snoozing in an igloo
You can't leave Munich without visiting Germany's highest peak Zugspitz. Though this peak can be covered in just a day, it will be lovely to stay here to enjoy the scenery, the weather and the activities the place has to offer. And when you have the option to stay in an igloo at the igloo village, how can you miss this opportunity? Curl up in your own private igloo which has a bathroom attached, enjoy the feeling of warmth in an ice-cold peak and savor the fondue and wine in your romantic igloo suite.

Drive to sleep in a car
If you liked the BMW Museum in Munich, you will love the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart. Just drive over to stay in this automobile themed hotel where all the rooms have their own automobile premise. In fact, the hotel itself is housed in an auto museum. Just don't be surprised when you wake up and find yourself sleeping in a car with a genuine looking gas station inside your room.

Nap by the pool
After a refreshing, long swim in a heated swimming pool, the best thing to do is doze off. Whether you choose the outdoor heated pool of Dante bad, the stylish, yet ancient atmosphere of the Volksbad pool or the calming sauna at Nordbad, Munich's public baths are just the right place for a nice swim, a massage and a nap. Find a quiet corner after your swim and drift away.

Doesn't this make Munich your "dream" destination in more ways than one?

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Save Money While Holidaying in the World’s Most Expensive City

by Richa G 1. January 2013 23:06
  lenin's mausoleum
The current resting place of Vladimir Lenin
Photo by khrawlings, on Flickr
What was once one of the most elusive cities in the world is now very reachable except for the fact that its status has changed to the world’s most expensive city. Elusive or expensive, Moscow’s exclusive sights, history and attractions make it a lovely place to visit. So how do we save money while holidaying in the world’s most expensive city? Here are a few pointers.

Where to stay?
Moscow has plenty of places to accommodate travelers on both extremes of the budget; hostels as well as luxury palace hotels are happy to offer enough value for the rubbles they get. It’s only the mid-budget traveler who suffers for options in this pricey city. Even hotels with just basic amenities charge exorbitant rates for standard rooms.

However, remember, the rates quoted by hotels are usually negotiable, sometimes up to even 50%. Hotels outside the Garden Ring are also a lot cheaper than those within. Just book a place that’s close to a metro station and you can get to the city in minutes. Try the Izmailovo Hotel Complex, the Globus Hotel or the Sputnik Hotel for affordable options. Before you book your hotel make sure you can get a visit invitation from the hotel for your visa.

Move on the Metro
Most addresses in Moscow are complete only when they give the location of the closest Metro station. A lifeline for the locals here, the Metro is not just reliable; it's also a Moscow attraction on its own. Visit a beautifully designed central station to understand. Just figure out which train to take from which station and you'll find that you're armed with a cheap, yet delightfully simple mode of transport. Walking is another cheap, yet wonderful way to explore Moscow.

Places to visit
Start your tour from the Red Square where you can see the Lenin Mausoleum (free entry) and St Basil Cathedral; from there, proceed to see the Kremlin. If you just want to see the famed grounds of Kremlin, you can opt to get tickets for the cheapest exhibitions which are held at the Patriarch's Palace and Ivan the Great Bell Tower. If you want to see the armory, be prepared to spend more.

Visit the Gorky Park which is free to visitors and have fun strolling through the vast green space with its amusement rides, game booths and ponds. From here, proceed to the Tretyakow Gallery which proudly displays some of the best specimens of Russian art from the 11th to 17th centuries. Spend on tickets to this gallery as they are well worth the experience.

Moscow has plenty of old houses, churches, cathedrals, palaces, museums and galleries to visit. However, foreign tourists have to pay a much higher entrance fee to most of these attractions; sometimes more than double the local fee. If you have a local friend who can get you tickets, you can save on these costs; the only other alternative would be to learn enough Russian to buy tickets on your own.

The Old Arbat Street is a lot of fun with its unique Moscow feel; but make sure you just look around here. Don't be lured into buying anything here; you'll be paying much more than the actual cost of the souvenir or art piece.

Where to eat?
For breakfast, the chain of cafés Schokoladnitsa offers inexpensive pancakes with cherry jam, Russian porridge and juice. Elki Palki and Moo Moo are chain restaurants that offer inexpensive food with beer. The quantity and taste are good; try the Russian dumpling and Kvas. Moscow also has its own unique street food culture; try Kroshka Kartoshka, a baked potato dish, blinis and Morozhenoe, Russian ice cream and you'll wish you could bring all this back home.

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