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Most international flights on time at Southwest Florida in May

by Richa G 17. July 2013 05:26

Southwest Florida International Airport was ranked 15th amongst 100 other busiest airports in the country for on-time airline performance in the month of May. This is good news for passengers who book plane tickets on JetBlue Airways. The airline has a high on-time arrival and departure rate and will fly customers to their destinations on time.

This data was compiled and released by the Federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics. According to the study this airport registered 84.9% on-time average and stood above other Sunshine State airports in the list of 100. Tampa and Orlando were ranked behind at number 19 and 20 clocking averages of 83.7% and 83.65% respectively. However, the Long Beach Airport in California beat other contestants to be at number 1 position. Its average was recorded at 90.65%.

For a period of five months through January to May, the Southwest Florida International witnessed 81.44% on-time arrivals and 85.17% on-time departures, little less for the same period a year ago.

As per the rules a flight is consider late for arrival or departure if it lands or takes off plus/minutes 15 minutes than its schedule.

Victoria Moreland, Spokeswoman at the airport did not seem to be surprised with the ratings and said that the airport generally meets or beats on-time performance across other airports in Florida.

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