Best last-minute Labor Day getaways in the United States


It will soon be curtains on the summer season. Labor Day is also round the corner. The first Monday of September is usually celebrated as Labor Day ever since 1882 in the United States. The celebration first started in New York City, and is now celebrated across the country after being declared an official holiday in honor of the labor groups by President Grover Cleveland. This year the Labor Day will be observed on Monday, September 7. With a long weekend ahead, why not say the last hurrah to summer with some great getaways to the destination of your choice in the country. Here are some of the popular destinations to enjoy your short vacation during the fantastic weekend.

New York City

New York City is the most frequented tourism hotspot in the U.S. today. The city is home many famous attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Broadway shows, Times Square, museums and shopping plazas. There is lot to do in New York than in other parts of the country. New York City is also the birthplace of Labor Day. It is undoubtedly the perfect place to spend your weekend.


Boston is the most popular city getaways for families. The city revels in its history and rich heritage, and has some wonderful seafood to offer. If you enjoy eating lobsters then there are some great lobster stands for you throughout the city. If you want to explore Boston’s historical past consider visiting Faneuil Hall or taking the Freedom Trail. There’s lot more for your kids as well and will keep them engaged and happy. Take your kids to the Boston’s Children Museum or to the Museum of Science where there are 500 hands-on exhibits. So, make it a point to head to Boston for Labor Day.

Los Angeles

With its iconic attractions like Hollywood, Disneyland and Universal Studios, Los Angeles is the top weekend getaway in the U.S. This is surely the place to visit for Labor Day where you can get opportunity to catch a glimpse of your favourite movie star or TV celebrity. There is no better place to go in the country than Los Angeles to celebrate the Labor Day.


The magical Disney World in Orlando is the perfect place to spend your Labor Day. With its two water parks, five theme parks, Downtown Disney and much more, this fantastic place may look a bit crowded, but you won’t remain empty handed because there’s something for everyone here. So, why not visit Orlando this year for Labor Day.

Washington DC

With its incredible monuments such as the White House, the US Capitol and the Smithsonian museums, there’s no better place than Washington DC to spend your Labor Day. There’s a lot to do, see and enjoy in this capital city of the United States. Don’t miss out visiting this magnificent city.

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