How to Beat Jet Lag on your Business Trip


Traveling can be exhausting in and of itself and when you're on the move for business, planning for meetings, reviews and presentations can be even more draining. Combine that with jet lag and you could have a recipe for disaster by the time you land at your destination. The good news is that while jet lag is inevitable, there are a few effective ways to fight it.

To look and feel fresh and ready to go for your next overseas business meeting, consider these tips:

Change your clocks
Fighting jet lag begins a few days before you even take off. In the days leading up to your flight, aim to go to bed either one to two hours earlier or later - depending on the direction of your travel, according to Forbes. When heading east, you'll want to hit the sack earlier and when flying west, you'll want to fall asleep later. This can help your body's clock start to adjust to the time change.

It's also important to get at least solid six hours of sleep the night before your flight.

Hydrate continuously
Drinking lots of water leading up to a flight and throughout the duration of the trip can help reduce dehydration, noted Forbes. Stay hydrated and opting for healthy, protein-packed snacks filled with nutrients can also help to ward off those feelings of tiredness.

Moreover, though that in-flight cocktail may be tempting, avoiding alcohol is beneficial in your effort to fight jet lag, the Huffington Post explained. This goes for sugar and caffeine as well.

Drink lots of water to help fight jet lag.Drink lots of water to help fight jet lag.

Fight your sleepiness
If you land in a new country the day before your business meeting, you may be tempted to go straight to your hotel room and rest up. However, if it's the middle of the day this is not a good idea. As the Harvard Business Review explained, the best way to adjust is to sync your sleep schedule with that of your current time zone. Even if you feel exhausted and it's two in the morning at home, fight that feeling by staying active or exposing yourself to sunlight.

With these tips, you'll land at your destination energized and ready to go!

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