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Book First Class Flights to Guangzhou

Located in Southern China, Guangzhou is a prominent destination. This city is the third largest city in the country. Also referred to as Canton, this destination comprises of people who wish to speak Cantonese. This place is an island destination and forms a triangle with Macau and Hong Kong being other two destinations. Foreign trade has also popularized this destination. Hence, many business visitors come here through cheap first class flights to Guangzhou. They can also look up for first class airfares to Guangzhou. Largest trade fair in the country known as Canton Fair is also organized here. This destination is on a fast track to success and progress. The culture of this place also makes it unique. This city is divided into several districts. The best time to visit this place is October and November. The sub tropical climate is enjoyed by this destination.

There are several landmarks in the city that a tourist must visit. Chen Clan Academy is one of the prominent attractions most visited in the city. This structure has stunning architecture and mesmerizes guests coming here to see this structure. Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral, Memorial of the Huangpu Military Academy, Canton Tower, Xiguan Residence, Liurong Temple, Shamian Island, Wu Xian Guan Temple, former residence of Hong Xiuquan, Bright Filial Piety Temple, Sanyuan Temple, Hualin Temple, Xiaozhou Village and Siu Bak are some of the prominent landmarks in this city. Visitors can look for cheap first class tickets to Guangzhou. They can also check for first class fares to Guangzhou.