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Amazing Asia - A well rounded cycle of religions, country and culture

The world’s largest and most densely populated continent, Asia spans across a huge part of the earth covering a decent 8.7% of its total coverage. A well rounded cycle of religions, country and culture, a trip to the continent would mean an eye-opener for all alike. Whether the vacation includes students, vacationers, or businessmen, flights to Asia usually come cheap during off seasons. Purchasing deals with cheap tickets to Asia would amount to a more fun filled and rounded trip.

Most countries of the continent like India, Philippines, Malaysia, China, countries of south East Asia are an amalgamation of several religions and languages evolving in harmony. Saving with cheap flights to Asia will allow you to bask in its grandeur. There are several firsts to the continent. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim community. The religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated in India and from here they spread to a variety of countries across the continent. The story of the Great Flood, for example, as presented to Christians in the Old Testament, is first found in Mesopotamian mythology, a part of Asia. Most Asian countries have more than one language that is natively spoken. For instance, more than 600 languages are spoken in Indonesia alone, over 800 languages spoken in India, and over 100 are spoken in the Philippines. China too has many languages and dialects in different provinces.

The continent also has its roots in technology and the latest trends the world has to offer. Fashion, culture and business in Hong Kong, Singapore and many others easily challenge the biggest European and American cities for their status as global hubs. Its landscapes are dotted with snow capped mountains, have natural habitats for the wild and a captivating vibrancy that is forever alive.

Airline deals can also give you an array of choices for Asian food. There are several restaurants that have tied up with domestic flyers allowing tourists to take a dig at the varied variety of Asian food. The freshness and flavor of the continent’s cuisine is world famous. The different country cuisines taste differently in other countries. Indo-Chinese is vastly different from Singaporean East Asian food. Similarly, Hong Kong has a definite flavor as compared to the Philippines culinary art. With so many cuisines to choose from, the only answer is to dive straight in and be prepared for a taste-tingling joy that will take your breath away.

What’s most enchanting is the spirituality that pervades across all these countries that form the continent. The spiritualistic fervor supersedes all with similarities. Each placed permeates the presence of the gods of past and present: the ancient spirits of the land and the family, the teachings of Buddhism, the deities of Christianity and Hinduism and the rules of Islam.