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Party hard in the quirky bars and lounges of Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Even though it is an international business and financial center, on digging beneath the surface of the city you will uncover quite a different personality. It boasts of more than 200 beer caverns along with a spectacular range of restaurants, cocktail bars and lounges. Flights to Dusseldorf take you to a cosmopolitan town with a surprisingly vibrant nightlife scene.

Make the most of your cheap international flights in bar am Kaiserteich. It is a stylish bar in the Dusseldorf’s K21, a modern art gallery. Thus, it unsurprisingly has an artistic element permeating the space. Everything about this bar-from its uniquely colored, bubble-patterned walls designed by a skilled Californian artist to the elegant bar book-exudes creativity. Even though the bar special is a whiskey sour, the place has more than 100 other delightful cocktails. The food here is also pretty amazing. You can also see the exhibitions of the city’s contemporary art scene while you are there.

If you are in the mood to splurge, take one of the cheap flights to Dusseldorf and spend an evening at Bar Fifty Nine. Housed in the city’s sleek Intercontinental Hotel, it is located in one of Germany’s most exclusive boulevards. While the hotel itself is a glossy one for business travelers, the bar is a splendid swish affair. It is one of the trendiest places in town. The interiors are welcoming and warmly lit. The well-stocked bar has a diverse range of unusual whiskeys and vodkas. Though it’s a hot hangout year round, the place is best visited in the summer months, when it opens the large glass doors leading out onto the Konigsallee, giving an extra element of urban buzz to the bar.

The Red Lounge is another place for you to spend what you saved on your cheap tickets to Dusseldorf. It is a crimson-walled bar serving the meanest collection of cocktails for you to binge on. It is lively and extremely popular, packed to the brim with people kicking back and enjoying themselves. The atmosphere here is casual yet vibrant. If you are interested in karaoke sessions, come here on the weekends.

Don’t waste any time grabbing those airline tickets of yours and waltzing into Mojitos, a Cuban themed cocktail bar that far from disappoints when it comes to its signature drink. Other than Mojitos, there numerous delectable varieties of whiskeys and rums, including an amazing lot of rarities.