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Enjoy cornucopia of festivals in Grand Cayman Islands

When planning for impending vacations, do not forget to add Grand Cayman Islands. This beautiful destination offers a diverse set of attractions that meet the expectations of all types of tourists coming here. Besides scenic attractions, the destination also offers several outdoor activities that are enjoyed by all. Snorkeling, scuba diving and many other water related activities are available. These days, several flights to Grand Cayman Islands are available. Visitors can also look up cheap plane to reach here.

Besides nature’s bounty, the destination also hosts several festivals that differ in style and interest. If a visit is being planned for this city, ensure that it coincides with any one of the festivals. These festivals reflect the culture and tradition of the city. The festivals will no doubt extra dash of color to the holiday experience. The most popular festival held in the city is the Batabano Festival. It is also referred to as the Batabano Carnival. Like other carnivals organized in many of the Caribbean regions, this carnival also offers excitement, fun and merriment to the spectators. A riot of colors can be witnessed everywhere. Visitors can also wear colorful costumes and enjoy the fun and gaiety.

Loud music fills the air and motivates people to gyrate on the tunes. Even if, the lyrics are foreign, the music has a universal language. Calypso and Soca are played with full gusto and to add some spice in this Caribbean holiday steel drums are also played with consummate enthusiasm. Stingray costumes are commonly worn during this festival. These costumes reflect the presence of stingrays that are one of the most common marine creatures found in this area. Snorkelers can also enjoy a dive with sting rays, and it is a treat to see so many floating together. The carnival is organized separately for juniors and adults. It marks the onset of the spring season. Look for suitable, cheap flights to Grand Cayman Islands to enjoy this festival. In case, visitors would like to travel within the region, they can check out cheap domestic flights.

Another prominent festival celebrated in the city is the Pirates Week Festival. As the name suggests, this festival offers a glimpse into the rich pirate history of the bygone era. Pirates used to operate commonly in this region. For the spectators though, the week is full of fun, enjoyment, merriment, dance, music and much more. Locals dress up as pirates. Even visitors coming here can dress up as pirates, and relive old moments etched firmly in the history of the place. Several competitions are also held during this time. Check out cheap tickets to Grand Canyon Islands to enjoy all these festivities. One will definitely feel relaxed and happy after taking this holiday!