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Festivals Galore in Madrid

Festivals offer a glimpse into the culture and heritage of the place. The same holds true for Madrid, the capital of Spain. The city is fast gaining importance as a global metropolis. Although, this city can be visited at any time of the year, festivals are the best time to visit. Unusual beliefs and cultural practices are displayed during festivals. At this point of time, airline tickets are easily available.

Visitors coming through cheap international flights can interact with local people at a personal level. The true essence of the local people is reflected during festivals with their effervescent spirit. Locals, as well as foreign visitors, participate in the merriment. Enjoying the essence of the local customs and traditions, visitors explore every nook and corner of the city!

Throughout the year, a variety of festivals are spread over and any time of the year is best for visiting the city. The holidays become spicier and entertaining with these festivals adding a dash of color to them. In the month of January, a fun filled festival, Three King’s procession is organized. Kids are offered sweets, candies and gifts. The festival continues through Christmas. In the month of February, Festival Flamenco and La Candaleria are organized.

To preserve the Spanish music, a musical festival is organized. Throughout the month, this festival carries on intermittently. Another festival, La Candaleria is celebrated on February 2-3. It is one of several popular festivals celebrated in the city and is celebrated to honor the memory of Jesus Christ’s visit to a Jerusalem temple. During festivals, the number of visitors coming to the city increases and as a result, the numbers of flights to Madrid are increased by many leading carriers.  

The month of April witnesses celebration of a popular dance festival, Madrid en Danza spanning from April 15 to April 30. A variety of dance forms and styles can be witnessed here. For all those who wish to learn any of these dance forms, dance workshops are also organized. A festival to honor the patron saint of the city, San Isodro is celebrated with a lot of booze, concerts, fun and excitement on May 15.

The highlight of the whole year, Bullfighting events are organized on July 14. Bullfighting events and music festivals are hosted by Alvila and La Puebla de Montalban. In the month of August, local level festivals like La Latina and Lavapies is celebrated. A festival commemorating Virgin Mary, namely Fiesta de la Virgen de la Vega is celebrated. A bull is sacrificed during the Toro de la Vega festival predating the bullfighting season. This festival has a lot of significance for the local people. A much awaited festival- Festival de Otoño is held on October 11. A variety of performing arts is displayed here. These days, cheap flights to Madrid are available. Nothing can be more rejuvenating in today's rush-filled time than enjoying a wide array of festivals in Madrid.