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Mexico offers a profusion of festivals

Mexico is a prominent city in the United States of America. Since, long haul travel has become common; visitors from faraway destinations are coming to this city for tourism, recreation and relaxation. This exotic location has gained a lot of prominence as a tourist hot spot in last few years. Moreover, availability of cheap flights has further enhanced the number of visitors coming here.

Budget travelers can also plan a trip to this city as many flights to Mexico offer their services to the city. Besides offering a wide array of scenic attractions, the destination is also known for unique festivals hosted by the city.

Holidaymakers now have the choice to visit this destination as per the schedule of these festivals. On one hand, there are festivals taking place in the dead of the night, and, on the other hand, there are events where crazy youngsters run along with the bulls. Visitors also have a choice to experience urban attractions or nature’s bounty in the countryside. It is mesmerizing to attend night mass. Then there is another event, namely Cinco di Mayo that is organized to commemorate the defeat of the French Army by Mexico. Visitors should book airline tickets well in advance to be a part of this event. This event is full of fun and excitement with several engaging activities offered for the grownups as well as the kids.

Most of the festivals are organized during the winter season since, at this time of the year, visitors can enjoy more. They can avoid harsh weather and enjoy outdoor events and activities taking pleasure in them. A spooky festival is also hosted by the city, referred to as Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. It is similar to the Halloween celebrated in many other parts of the country.

This Mexican event is celebrated to commemorate the memory of dead loved ones. On the first day of the festival, it is believed that dead children’s spirit comes back and on the next day, the spirits of adults come back. Though it sounds a bit morbid, but localities enjoy and have fun during this festival. Family assembles are the norm. Picnics are arranged, and the whole family set off for a picnic. Offerings are given to the dead, and their blessings are sought. Visitors can look up cheap flights to Mexico to see this spooky festival.

Cancun is located close to the city and visitors always plan their itinerary such that they are able to visit Mayan ruins besides attending festivals in the city. The festivals also offer an opportunity to taste exotic cuisines and delightful drinks. Start searching cheap tickets to Mexico online to enjoy these festivals.