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Tips on What to Wear During Business Class Flights

Traveling on discount business class tickets doesn’t mean you dress for the economy class! Business class flights are a luxury for many and it is always better to dress up for you don’t know your next client might be flying in the same plane.

Since most people take business class flights to travel for business meets, a lot can go off the line if there is a luggage mishap. In such cases, the clothes and shoes you wear would play a crucial role in ensuring that you look professional enough. While you may prefer wearing synthetic since they don’t wrinkle easily and are comfortable, they may nevertheless catch fire easily and keep burning even after you think they are not.

So the big question, what kind of clothes is ideal for business class flights?

Ideally, clothes made out of denim, wool, leather or cotton are far more secure and stay wrinkle free for long. The best part is that they don’t catch fie easily. Never wear shorts or clothes made out of nylon, synthetic and hosiery since they heat out very easily and in case of fire can catch fire most easily. While we are not saying that fire is a regular occurrence, it is always better to be prepared for all sorts of emergencies.

If possible, try to carry spare formal clothes in a hand bag with yourself so that in case the luggage is lost, you still have a pair of clothes to wear and go to the meeting with. Ideally own a wrinkle free shirt and fine material pants as a spare pair. They look formal, feel comfortable and don’t catch fire easily.

Other wardrobe component to be focused on is the footwear. Never travel in sandals or high heels. Always imagine the worst and stay prepared for it. Wearing sandals or taking them off during the flight can limit your escape speed. If you plan to take them off, make sure they are placed at a comfortable distance and easily wearable. Do not wear those ankle high boots or high heels with many straps since they may take an eternity to wear. Also, do not wear shoes that do not cover your feet completely. Try enfolded boots or sport shoes since they are comfortable and durable.

The idea should always be to carry spare pair on you to make up for any mishap that may happen with the clothes you wear for the flight or luggage you carry with yourself. Practicing such alertness would ensure that your business class flights to New York or any other destination for business stay as comfortable as they should be.