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Cheap Airfares to Casablanca

Casablanca, a city in western Morocco, is located on the Atlantic Ocean. It has historically been the breadbasket of Morocco. Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco as well as its chief port. The Port of Casablanca is the largest port of North Africa and one of the largest artificial ports in the world. One of the most liberal and progressive of Morocco’s cities, here many young Moroccans speak to each other exclusively in French. Casablanca is the commercial capital of Morocco, while Rabat is the political capital. Today, Casablanca is a sprawling, vibrant metropolis where both western modernity and Arabic tradition intermingle. This exciting city of Morocco is quite accessible and finding out Discounted Airfares is much easy. Casablanca is a great city where you can just sit back and take in the smells and sounds of North Africa. All you require is just to book Cheap Flights to Casablanca and head off to the destination that you always wanted to visit. Fare Buzz, the leading provider of Cheap Airfares, will do the needful for you and help you save both time and money by booking Cheap Airline Tickets to Casablanca.

Casablanca is a Spanish word meaning ‘White House’ (‘Blanca’ meaning white, and ‘Casa’ meaning house). However, Casablanca was originally founded by Berber fishermen in the 10th century BC. Later, it was subsequently used by the Phoenicians, Romans, and the Merenids as a strategic port called Anfa. The Portuguese destroyed Anfa and rebuilt it under the name Casa Branca, which the abandoned after an earthquake in 1755. The city was again rebuilt by the Moroccan sultan and renamed as Daru I-Badya. The current name of Casablanca was given by Spanish traders who established trading bases there. Over the years, Casablanca has emerged as a prime destination. The city offers its visitors an array of interesting sights that are a must-see. Top attractions here include El Hank lighthouse; the French period New Town; Hassan II Mosque; the city’s largest public park Parc de la Ligue Arabe; Old Medina; Boulevard de la Corniche, also referred to as the French Riviera of Africa; and the Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman. Other places worth visiting include Port of Casablanca; Cathédrale Sacré-Coeur (Catholic Cathedral); City Hall; Casablanca Technopark; and Casablanca Twin Center. Visit this most sought after destination by booking Cheap Flight Tickets to Casablanca. It’s a really exciting place to enjoy your holidays.