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Cheap Airfares to Costa Rica

Buy flight tickets for cheap and visit Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park to get up close and personal with endangered Caribbean wildlife. Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica’s largest and most popular national parks and is stunningly beautiful. Besides the scenery and wildlife, it is also a culturally rich area that is home to a fascinating mix of the country’s Caribbean and indigenous ethnicities. In Tortuguero’s 19,000 protected hectares of land, you’ll find all kinds of habitats, including tropical lowlands, rainforest, beaches and mangroves. Get airline tickets for cheap and see some priceless wildlife in a fascinating cultural setting.

The name Tortuguero means region of turtles and today the park attracts many friends of the large sea creatures. This has been a center for conserving several turtle species, especially the once nearly-extinct green sea turtles. Two biological research stations have been set up in the area to monitor the turtles and other species. You’ll see many more turtles on the beaches, including leatherbacks and hawksbills, and some river turtles if you take a boat tour of Tortuguero’s many freshwater creeks and lagoons. Watch these amazing animals lay their eggs during the day or swim up on shore at night. Besides turtles, you’ll also have a chance to see spider monkeys, caimans, crocodiles, sloths, ocelots, and maybe even some endangered manatees. The turtle nesting period is between March and October, when you can watch the turtles on a beach with official guides on nesting tours after 6:00pm. Birdwatchers that have purchased flight tickets cheap will also love Tortuguero as it is home to more than 300 avian species, including toucans, green macaws, egrets and herons. Tortuguero will seem like a far-off paradise as you can only access the park by boat or small aircraft. However, it is very accessible as most of the park can be seen from tour boats. There are also several hiking trails. You can buy flight tickets for cheap daily from San José, Costa Rica’s capital, to Tortuguero.

Support eco-tourism and conservation efforts to save some of Costa Rica’s amazing animals - book your cheap tickets to Costa Rica today. You’ll find plenty of lodges, cabins and hotels near the national park with other visitors from cheap flights to Costa Rica, including many eco-friendly accommodations to try. Make sure you bring a poncho or rain jacket with you on your flights to Costa Rica, as besides being one of the country’s most diverse national parks, this is also one of the wettest! If you’d like to see more of Costa Rica’s impressive biodiversity, the wildlife refuge at Barra del Colorado is just north of Tortuguero on the Atlantic Coast. Some cheap flight tickets will get you a stop at both national parks.