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Located in Morocco, Casablanca is a beautiful city. This destination is known to offer scenic sights that are expected by the tourists looking for rest, relaxation and recreation. Many visitors come here through cheap first class flights to Casablanca. Rabat, a nearby destination is perfect for a relaxed holiday. The place is simply paradise on the earth. Besides scintillating night life, this place is also known for its beautiful mosques. The King Hassan II Mosque is one of the most popular mosques in this city. With a tall and impressive minaret, this mosque is considered as the third largest mosque in the world. In order to visit this awe-inspiring mosque, one must look for first class airfares to Casablanca.

In case, visitors would like to travel back in time, they can visit the Old Medina that is a traditional walled town located in a part of this city. Similarly, close to this ocean, the Corniche is a beautiful neighborhood that is very famous among the tourists. There are several nightclubs dotting the city landscape. People can enjoy a perfect time in this place. There are many cheap first class tickets to Casablanca and visitors can enjoy a perfect budget holiday with friends and family. Other popular places are Mahkama du Pacha, The Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman and many others that are famous among tourists visiting this divine destination. Shopping enthusiasts love to shop for Moroccan artifacts. It is fun to indulge in negotiations with local vendors. One must look for first class fares to Casablanca and enjoy a perfect break in this city.