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In the west of the South Pacific Ocean, Guam is located. It is a part of Marina Islands archipelago. This destination is a part of the United States of America. This city is divided into many regions according to geography and for the administration of this place. There are beautiful beaches in the Northern Region. Many visitors look for first class airfares to Guam and enjoy a wonderful vacation with friends and family. In the central as well as metropolitan region, a wide spectrum of restaurants, roadside cafes, bars, pubs and night clubs are also located in this region. Tourists can also indulge in a lot of shopping as several shopping options are available. This island is one of the most visited areas in this city. Conversely, the Southern Region is more picturesque. This is a rural area and known for its scenic beauty. Cultural experts love to witness the Chamorro culture that is predominant in this region. The Cocos Island is one of the enjoyable destinations in this region.

At Talofofo, visitors love to enjoy black sand beaches at this place. People visiting this place must visit The Pacific National Historic Park that is a repository of war related artifacts, former battlefields, trenches, documents, and many more. The pleasant weather, warm climate, azure blue waters and sandy beaches enthrall visitors coming here. They can book cheap first class tickets to Guam and visit this place for a perfect enjoyment. Moreover, these days many airlines offer first class fares to Guam.