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Capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax is a beautiful city. This place enjoys a rich maritime history. The greatest natural harbor in the world is also located here. This is a busy seaport in Atlantic region and as such many ships use this harbor. It is also considered to be a hub of economy and culture in the Eastern Canada. Flights from various destinations ply their services to this place. There are many cheap first class flights to Halifax plying their services to this magnificent destination. The Halifax Citadel is one of the prominent attractions in this city. This citadel is a prominent attraction and is located on a hill. One can watch a beautiful view of the city from this vantage point. This is a national site and a museum and a garrison is located here. Several first class airfares to Halifax are also available for this destination. Pier 21 or National Immigration Museum is another landmark in this city. This building is now a popular modern museum. The exhibits on display are related to immigrants in this destination.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is another attraction in the city. Located in the waterfront, this museum displays several exhibits related to the sinking of Titanic and also related to the explosions of Halifax. Another ship known as CSS Acadia also sank in this area. Other attractions are Old Burial Grounds, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Province House and many others. Visitors can book cheap first class tickets to Halifax and first class fares to Halifax.