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Warren, Thank you tremendously for all of your wonderful assistance with scheduling this flight; you were patient, thorough, kind, knowledgeable, professional and timely. This flight is for my brother in Florida, who recently lost his wife (quite unexpectedly); he sends his sincere appreciation as well.
- Debra Coleman

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Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management has assumed increasing importance in a world which has become extremely globalized in recent years. The recent recession which engulfed many of the world’s economies further highlighted the cause of effectively managing corporate business travel. Most businesses today realize that corporate travel is an essential tool for the conduct of modern day business. They also realize that corporate travel planning now has to be managed carefully or expenses that arise out of corporate travel can very easily balloon out of control. For this reason companies today partner with Fare Buzz Corporate Travel, a professional corporate travel planning agency that understands clearly the travel needs and requirements of corporate travelers. Our commitment is to provide the lowest possible fares along with professional business travel services.

Understanding Needs of The Business Traveler
A professional travel management company, such as Fare Buzz, will help a company’s in-house travel department immensely by clearly defining its corporate travel objectives and providing expertise in airline and hotel negotiations. Fare Buzz Corporate Travel will assist to benchmark corporate deals for the implementation and administration of corporate travel policy. Further more, we are equipped with well developed contingency management skills and are thus capable of finding flexible solutions to all business travel issues in a skillful, professional manner.

Provide and manage essential business travel information
Fare Buzz Corporate Travel can offer comprehensive updates about airlines, hotels, business travel destinations, and special promotions. With this type of information the business traveler will rest easy knowing that Fare Buzz has their best interest in mind.

Well Informed and Experienced Account Managers
Fare Buzz Corporate Services is well equipped with the tools of modern technology which are needed to implement the most complex corporate travel objectives. Additionally, our client service desk is manned by experienced Account Managers who are dedicated to providing a high level of execution in the timely delivery, accurately planned, and fully integrated travel arrangements for any global destination.

Events and Meeting management
Fare Buzz Corporate Services aid a company with event and meeting management by proactively managing vendor selection and negotiating the best deals from the chosen vendors with an aim to comply with a company’s business objectives.

Provision of analytical reports
Fare Buzz Corporate Services can help a company’s business travel program by providing savings and travel patterns with analytical reports which can then help a company to secure better deals with vendors during negotiations.

If you are currently in the market or want to compare the services provided by your current corporate travel agency, please contact Fare Buzz Corporate Travel, a New York City based travel management company. Fare Buzz specializes in comprehensive and effective corporate travel management. We are a full service travel management company which enjoys an exclusive relationship with over sixty domestic and international airline companies. It can thus procure the lowest fares for all your business travel needs.

In addition, Fare Buzz also has a special relationship with a wide network of more than 100,000 diverse hotel properties throughout the world and can thus help tailor a complete business travel package to meet all the needs of your company. Satisfied clients have achieved savings of nearly 30% to 40% a year in their travel budgets while using the comprehensive and efficient business travel services provided by Fare Buzz. So, if you are looking for a way to maximize returns from all your business travel investments while decreasing expenses, please contact Tom Ciccone at 1-800-847-1963 x 14150 and start saving time and money today.