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Business Class Tickets & Airfares to Brussels

The city of Brussels which is the constitutional capital of Belgium is also considered to be the capital of Europe. This is because this regal city which is dotted with many historic buildings is home to the headquarters of the European Union. As a founding member of the EU, Brussels also hosts several other EU institutions like the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the Committee of the Regions and the European parliament which is the legislative branch of the EU composed of representatives elected by the people of the member states for the duration of a five-year term.

Brussels is the largest urban area in Belgium and it is composed of 19 municipalities including the City of Brussels which is the constitutional capital of Belgium, the Flanders and Wallonia. Brussels is in fact a Flemish-French bilingual enclave situated in the largely Flemish-speaking area of Belgium. Brussels occupies a position of great importance on the global geopolitical scene for it also hosts the headquarters of important unions like NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and Eurocontrol (the European organization for the safety of Air navigation) within its borders. However Brussels is not a city that is all stuffy and boring due to the prevalence of diplomats and bureaucrats who work out of its many glass fronted offices, the city has in fact much to offer for a tourist in the form of great sight-seeing, delectable food and wine and myriad shopping opportunities.

However if you are planning a trip to Brussels from a US city, then you have to be prepared for a long haul flight for which business class travel is especially recommended. Folks often believe that business class travel to Brussels like that to other European destinations is frightfully expensive but this is need not be the case for cheap business class tickets to Brussels are available if you know how to look for them. Often airlines that provide air links between US cities and the Belgian capital themselves offer special fares which take the form of business class discounts to Brussels and promote them via dedicated newsletters and social media tools. At other times, last minute bookings with airlines also sometimes afford you deep business class discounts. However if all this seems too difficult for you because you want a certain amount of flexibility in order to plan your journey, you may want to consider using the services of a reputed travel agent who continues to thrive in spite of the popularity of online booking sites.

Travel agents ( especially those run established businesses and have high sales volumes) often have a ready stock of business class deals which often represent discounts of up to 70% when compared to regular business class. These travel agents have access to cheap business class tickets by way of the personal connections and relations that they have with various airlines. These connections are usually mutually beneficial relationships which have been nurtured over years.

It must be mentioned that these cheap business class airfares are by no means inferior to regular business class fares for they afford you all the amenities that are usually associated with full price business class airfares like priority check-in, fast track immigration, enhanced luggage allowance, fully flat beds and limitless good food and wine along with great personalized service. These discount business flights sometimes have certain terms and conditions associated with them like advance purchase period and stay restrictions at the destination but these are minor inconveniences compared to the tremendous savings that they afford. Moreover they also often come loaded with additional perks like mileage accrual and pre-flight seat selection which is certainly not bad thing.

Once you have decided to fly to Brussels on the cheapest business class fare that you can find you have to get around to determining the best time to visit the city. Brussels like other European cities is best visited during the summer months of June and July but even if you plan your vacation during the Belgian summer there is no guarantee that you will not experience some rainfall for Brussels usually has approximately 200 rainy days a year. Your luggage for Brussels should then definitely include an umbrella along with your summer clothes and a light jacket as summer days are not especially warm in Bruassels. Average daytime temperatures during the Brussels summers usually range from 11° C(52oF) to 20oC(68oF). Winters in Brussels are typically cold and wet as they are characterized by frequent snowfall and temperatures in Brussels during its winter months usually hover around 7oC(45oF).

Brussels is served by the Brussels International Airport which is located eight miles (13 km) north east of the city center. This airport is connected to the city by shuttle trains that connect the airport to the North, South and Central stations of Brussels. Other connections to the city are provided by busses and taxis. There is even a bus service which connects Brussels to the diamond trading center of Europe, the city of Antwerp. Car rentals from major car rental companies are also easily available at Brussels airport. Brussels is a very compact city which is easily navigable on foot but it is also equipped with a well organized modern public transport system which is made up of the metro, trams and buses.

The electrical standard in Belgium is 230 volts, 50HZ and sockets usually take the two pin plugs as for legal tender, Belgium being one of the founder members of the European Union but naturally uses the Euro though most credit cards are also easily accepted throughout the city. Cell phones in Belgium operate on the GSM network and most cell phone providers in Belgium sell inexpensive pay as go sim cards which are available at the airport and trains stations and can work with any unlocked GSM phone.

The ancient city of Brussels is packed with a wide assortment of attractions which are guaranteed to please enthusiastic sight-seers. The cityscape of Brussels is littered with much interesting architecture and the city is home to nearly eighty different museums which have various themes but perhaps the most renowned attraction of Brussels is the statue of the Manneken Pis which is often considered to be the symbol of the city. This small bronze sculpture which depicts a small naked boy is actually a fountain located close to Brussels’ famous Grand Place. It was designed by Jerome Duquesony and placed at the junction of Rue de l'Étuve/Stoofstraat and Rue du Chêne/Eikstraat in 1618 after which it came to be considered as a symbol of French and Dutch harmony and peaceful co-existance.

Almost as famous as the Mannekin Pis is Brusssels’ central square which is called Grand Place and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the true heart of the city. This busy central square is one of Europe’s most picturesque squares which is made up of a maze of cobbled streets and it hosts many ornate , 17th century baroque guildhouses( houses of trade), neo-Gothic buildings and museums but perhaps its most beautiful building is the town hall of Brussels, the Hotel de Ville.

The Hôtel de Ville is one of the most spectacular civic buildings in the world. This building which is built in the Gothic style was erected in 1402. However the town hall suffered much damage during the bombardment of Brussels in 1695 by the French after which it was rebuilt and expanded on. It somehow miraculously survived the bombings of the Second World War and continues to stand until today with a façade that is adorned with statues of nobles, saints and gargoyles. The building of the town hall is topped by a 100 meter tower which hosts a statue of St Michel who is the patron saint of Brussels. The interiors of the Town Hall are similarly decorated with many fine tapestries and works of art.

Other famous attractions in Brussels include its magnificent Royal Palace which was built in the 19th century as the residence of Belgian Royal family but is today used as a venue for hosting various official functions. Also of note are the twin Art attractions of Brussels which take the form of the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art. These two museums are Brussels’ best known art attractions. The Ancient Art Museum(1887) contains some of the best works of Flemish masters like van Dyck and Rubens while the Modern Art Museum(1984) hosts several works of contemporary Belgian artists along with works of other renowned artists of our time.