Monthly Archives: September 2015

Must-not-do list essential before you embark for vacation

A vacation or an adventure trip is something everyone loves. Before embarking on your holidays making a must-do list might also be a priority for you. But, do you know that making a must-not-do list is also necessary too. If you still haven’t done so before then here are some of the cultural norms and…
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Important Myths to know about Adventure Travel

Have you ever been on an adventure travel? Those adventurous at heart are always upbeat about this. But those who haven’t done so before or been infrequent adventurers might feel hesitant on embarking on such a visit. Whether you want to go for hiking, biking, mountaineering or surfing the coast, here are some of the…
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Best last-minute Labor Day getaways in the United States

It will soon be curtains on the summer season. Labor Day is also round the corner. The first Monday of September is usually celebrated as Labor Day ever since 1882 in the United States. The celebration first started in New York City, and is now celebrated across the country after being declared an official holiday…
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