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Get Cheap Tickets to Jamaica at Fare Buzz [Video]

5 things you need to have in your carry-on bag

Seasoned travelers have packing down to a science, and when it comes to filling up your carry-on bag, having the right items on hand can make a world of difference. Not only are there logistical reasons to be methodical when packing your carry-on, but for longer flights, having goodies and perks can be essential for…
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Why Australia is perfect for animal lovers

Among the many spots on the map to head out and see some magnificent wildlife, Australia can't be beat when it comes to meeting critters that are utterly unique. Because the continent has been isolated for millions of years, the entire cast of creatures on the Australian mainland is unlike any place on earth. Marsupials,…
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How do men and women travel for business?

As time goes on, more women are making their way into the world of business, and that means more women are going on business trips, both domestically and internationally. The business travel industry, which used to be a bit of a boy's club, is shifting to be more gender-neutral. But do men and women travel…
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