Start your year fresh in Bali


After working hard this year, chances are you're in need of a relaxing, refreshing vacation. There are few better places on Earth to forget about your troubles than the Indonesian island of Bali. Located eight degrees south of the equator, Bali's weather is fantastic this time of year. You can leave your responsibilities in the northern hemisphere and relax in style on one of Bali's world-renowned resorts.

Ready to recharge your batteries and start fresh in 2017? Keep reading to learn more about how to do just that on the beautiful isle of Bali:

Connect with your wild side
Perhaps you've been a little too reserved over the past year and you feel a need to connect with yourself on a deeper level. What better way to do so than to get out of your comfort zone and get in touch with your wild side? Bali is home to a number of exotic animals, but perhaps the most entertaining are the small and energetic inhabitants of the Ubud Monkey Forest. The sanctuary is home to over 600 Balinese long-tailed monkeys, more commonly known in English as macaques. These friendly animals live among 14th century temples dedicated to personifications of the Hindu god Shiva. Here, you'll be able to get up close and personal with the monkeys and maybe even find a little inner peace among the ancient temples.

For a guided tour of the island's wildlife, you can also check out the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Unlike a typical zoo, this park takes you into the animals' habitats so you can see how they behave in the wild. An open-air bus will take you through the park, past roaming herds of zebra, rhinos, and other grazing animals. Or, if a bus isn't close enough to nature for you, you can also book a tour of the park by elephant. The gentle giants, led by a trainer, will take you around the park in style.

Find some zen with a macaque pal.Find some zen with a macaque pal.

Get rejuvenated at the beach
The best way to get rid of your stress is to grab a towel, a parasol and a cool drink and head down to the beach. If you're looking to spend your time relaxing in the sun, consider staying in the town of Sanur, on the south side of the island. Here you'll find a number of resorts near the beach and the town itself is quite picturesque. When you're not lounging around by the shore, you can head into town to visit the local fine dining establishments and grab some drinks before heading back to the hotel.

While you're at the resort, consider getting pampered with a massage and spa treatment. You'll practically be able to feel the stress and built-up tension from the previous year melt away. When the time comes to go home, you'll feel brand new and ready to take on anything that 2017 can send your way. By taking a little "me time" on Bali, you'll be able to give back twice as much when you return to your typical daily tasks.

Bali is a great vacation destination because it offers a number of things for visitors to do. You'll never find yourself getting bored or homesick in this island paradise. Whether you want to explore nature, have an adventure among ancient ruins and just lay back and sip a drink on the beach, you make your Bali vacation your own. Book your tickets and rooms today, you can take it easy tomorrow.

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