5 eateries in Vienna that are perfect for a client dinner


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is known for its rich history of military might, high art and scientific achievement. Home of famous thinkers like Freud and internationally recognized musical geniuses such as Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, Vienna is the pinnacle of class and sophistication.

Austrians take business seriously, and a day of meetings can work up quite an appetite. Consider these five fine dining experiences when you're in town with a client:
1. Casino Restaurant Wien
For some of the best in Viennese fine dining, you can't go wrong with the Red and Gray Salon located in one of Austria's most prestigious casinos. According to the establishment's official website, the restaurant's menu changes seasonally, so you always get a meal that's fresh and delicious. For example, the winter menu features baked praline of herbs guinea fowl, sea bass, fresh salmon, veal and chocolate mousse.
2. Cafe Central
Established in 1876, Cafe Central has seen its share of important patrons - and you could be the next! In the late 19th century, the cafe was frequented by Austrian poets such as Zweig and Altenburg as well as more notable names like Sigmund Freud and Leon Trotsky.

In addition to wonderful coffee drinks, such as espresso topped with rich whipped cream, you'll find a number of delectable dishes being served here. Popular meals include classic schnitzel, beef tartar, romaine salad, smoked salmon, and boiled veal.

Vienna, from aboveThe Distrikt Steakhouse is located in the heart of downtown Vienna

3. Distrikt Steakhouse
The Distrikt Steakhouse is located in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton hotel in the heart of downtown Vienna. Featuring gorgeous al fresco seating, this restaurant is ideal for business lunches and dinners. Indeed, the steak brunch menu is perfect for a late morning meal with business clients.

The menu features organic ribeye steaks from Waldviertel, filets from Salzburg, Flank Steaks from America and Wagyu beef from Japan. The establishment also boasts an impressive wine selection and a dessert menu that will leave any diner satisfied.
4. Cafe Landtmann
The cafe Landtmann has been a Viennese touchstone since it first opened its doors in 1873. Featuring golden inlays from the 1920s, the establishment blends modern comfort with old-world charm. The current owners of the restaurant, who have presided over the Landtmann legacy for over 40 years, remain steadfast in their desire to bring a world-class dining experience to locals and travelers alike.

In addition to a robust selection of coffee and pastries, the Cafe Landtmann offers a full menu. Prized dishes include Viennese chicken, salmon filet, spinach risotto, ribbon vermicelli and ham, chopped veal scallops and beef goulash.
5. Plachutta
Plachutta claims to be the home of the most famous tafelspitz in the world. It's a dish of veal boiled in broth and served with minced apples and kicker of horseradish. It's one of the most popular meals in Austria and its neighbor Germany. But tafelspitz isn't the only delectable meal you'll find at Plachutta.

The menu also features salmon tartar, pumpkin soup, goose liver with madeira jelly, salted ox tongue and glazed liver of veal. While you're dining, you can enjoy a stein of Vienna's finest beer.

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