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Fly with Aloha Airline

The foundation of Aloha Air was laid on July 26, 1946 and it started running its operations on that very day. Since the airlines made a switch from commercial flying to cargo carrying, it transferred all its operations to Aloha Air Cargo on the 31st of March in 2008. Its headquarters was located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The air carrier company had two hubs, the primary one in Honolulu International Airport and the secondary hub in John Wayne Airport. The parent company that the airline had was Aloha Air Group.

Before the services were transferred, the airline flew to several destinations. It flew to over 12 destinations. In the United States of America it covered areas like-Sacramento, Phoenix, Hilo, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Lihue, Oakland, Kailua, Reno and Orange County. It also flew to several international destinations including Canada, Midway Atoll, Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Cook Islands.

While making attempts at increasing its potential, the airline made code –sharing agreements with United Airlines and Island Air.

Aloha Air received a lot of recognition from the passengers. The fleet that Aloha Airlines had in March 2008 that is when it transferred its operations to Aloha Air Cargo, for cargo flights composed of-Boeing737-200, Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800.At this time the average age span of the fleet of Aloha Airlines was 18.2 years.

Aloha Air Fare Structures and Aloha Air Flight Amenities

The airlines had both the coach and first class. Passengers could make decision according to their will and book the seating class arrangement before boarding the flight. In case of available seats in the first class they could pay to get upgraded to the first class even after they were onboard.

Passengers in the economy class enjoyed the services of an amiable staff and also got complimentary cookies. First class passengers had the privilege of comfortable reclining chairs a mouth watering cuisine and other amazing services and facilities

Aloha Air Baggage
Passengers who were flying in the domestic flights were allowed to carry one bag which could weigh up to 50lb.They could also carry a personal item but it could not exceed 62 linear inches/157cm (length+ width=height. Aloha airlines had also specified baggage rules for passengers traveling on the code share partners, their combined luggage could not weigh more than 23kgs.

Passengers were also allowed to take with them one carry bag and a personal item, which did not weigh more than 20lb.The rules for such baggage were that it should have been able to fit in the over head cabin or below the seat .The dimension limit was 8×14×22 inches.

Aloha Air Rewards
While the airline was operating it had established a way of rewarding its loyal customers. Their frequent flyer program was called Aloha Pass. It had been operating from 1983 till the time it gave over its functioning to Aloha Air Cargo. The passengers could redeem the miles for exciting prizes and rewards.