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Fly with Donbassaero Airlines

The airline was founded in 1993 and then was re founded in 2003.The airlines has its headquarters in Donetsk International Airport, Donetsk, Ukraine. The airline gives its customers a comfortable flight experience with flexibility and cost efficiency.

The airline has two hubs, one of them is Donestk International Airport and the secondary hub is in Boryspil International Airport. The airline has flights to several destinations. Donbassaero Airline flights go to the following destinations

  • Armenia
  • Cyprus
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Greece
  • Lithuania
  • Simferopol
  • Odessa
  • Kiev
  • Kharkiv
  • Donetsk

The airline has won several awards of national and international stature. It operates with a fleet of Airbus 320 -200 and Airbus321-200 aircrafts.

Donbassaero Airlines Fare structure and Donbassaero Airlines Flight Amenities
The fare structure and amenities provided by the airline vary according to the seating class and destination of the aircraft. The airline operates flights on both international and domestic routes. It also offers the choice of two different seating classes on both domestic and international routes. The choice can be made on the basis of the fare structure and services provided.

Passengers with Donbassaero Airlines flight reservations for business class on international flights, get a very luxurious flying experience. They get reclining seats, individual attention and are served a lavish meal along with beverages. Passengers flying to international routes on economy class, also get a memorable experience, they get a delicious meal and are also served beverages.

Passengers with Donbassaero Airlines flight tickets for business class on domestic routes enjoy special treatment and have a very comfortable flying experience. Since the flights are shorter they are served snacks and beverages. The quality of the food is much maintained. They also have comfortable seats and the legroom is more than it is for the economy class.

Economy class passengers on domestic routes are seated on comfortable seats and have a very well trained crew to assist them. They also get snacks and beverages on board.

Donbassaero Airlines Baggage Policy
Passengers with Donbassaero Airlines reservations can carry hand baggage with them as long as its dimensions do not exceed 55×40×20cm.The airline has different checked –in baggage allowance for passengers flying in the economy class and for business class passengers.

Passengers with Donbassaero Airline tickets for business class can carry 30 kg as checked in luggage. Passengers traveling in the economy class can carry 20 kg as checked in luggage.

Donbassaero Airlines Rewards Program
The airline has designed a frequent flyer program to reward its loyal passengers. Meridian Loyalty program is their program for regular customers. This program is designed to ensure that loyal passengers get many packages, rewards, Donbassaero Airlines flight deals and other beneficial offers.