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Win a Trip on your Bucket List!

by margaret 23. August 2011 05:49
Bucket List Contest
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FLIGHTS  |  HOTELS  |  VACATIONS  |  CARS Aug 23, 2011
Every Traveler has a Bucket List, What's on yours?
When it comes to travel, everyone has a Bucket List of places all over the world they’ve wanted to see and visit. So many of us want to travel abroad and see the world, but sometimes miss out on what’s in our own backyard. We want to find out from you where in the United States or Canada you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

From August 23 - September 12, you can enter to win a chance to fly anywhere in the United States or Canada. The trick is, you have to tell us why you want to cross this place off your Bucket List. Don’t just tell us you want to go to Napa because you love wine, give us a good reason to send you there!

The lucky winner will not only get to cross that location off their list, but will get to blog about their trip for Fare Buzz!

Go ahead, Like Us on Facebook to get started!
Winners will be chosen on Friday, September 16th , so make sure you enter soon!

Terms & Conditions Apply - Click here for more information.


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Lower Fares for Solo Travelers

by Walter 18. August 2011 10:20

When it comes to travel, there’s one thing most people like to take with them: a friend or significant other. But that’s most people. Many travelers in recent years have taken to traveling solo and discovering new places on their own. And why not? There’s less hassle involved in picking where to go and you’re more likely to find low fares when you’re the one picking the time and destination. And when it comes to destination, there are certain spots that are best for the solo traveler.

The First Timer

When looking into solo travel, we asked one of the experts, blogger Janice Waugh of the blog Solo Traveler. When choosing where to go, she suggests taking a look at how seasoned of a traveler you really are. And that makes sense, right? Let’s say you’ve never really traveled before, or at best a few family vacations as a kid, but the travel bug has hit you and you really want to get out in the world. If this is your travel speed, the world may have to wait, but maybe not your own backyard. Waugh suggests traveling close to home for your first solo trip, whether it’s the next state over or another city on the other side of your state (given that you don’t live in a small state like Delaware!). Staying closer to home gives you a feeling of comfort and familiarity. You’re visiting a culture that’s similar to your own, in a language that’s your own as well. Then again, things do vary between states (soda vs pop anyone?), but there’s no need to take a language courses before leaving!

It’s also a great way to get accustomed to long travels, or even traveling to begin with. If you’ve never even flown before, taking a flight to Europe may not be the best start, but cheap airline flights between cities like Detroit and New York is only two hours, making it bearable for first timers. You can also find low fares on bus and train tickets if you’re traveling a shorter distance and don't necessarily want to do a road trip.

The Almost Seasoned Traveler

So, you’ve already done some solo traveling, or have done quite a bit traveling with a friend, significant other or family member. You’re probably ready for a solo trip abroad at this point, but something that isn’t too out of the ordinary for you (ie: now is not the best time to see Japan on your own!). Visiting a place like the United Kingdom, Canada or a European city like Amsterdam are great places to start. These places all speak predominantly English and are not too culturally different.

London, England

London is a great place for your first Solo Travel abroad (TJ Morris - Creative Commons)

For the Seasoned Traveler

For those travelers who have done plenty of traveling on their own and with someone else, the world is your oyster! This is the perfect opportunity to check out any place in the world you may have wanted to go. While budget is generally the issue for some,  plenty of cheap flight tickets are available if you go on the non-peak travel days. Some spots that Waugh recommends are Chile and Jordan. While traveling through Jordan, Waugh met other solo travelers and discovered that it was a great place to journey on your own. At this point in your travels, you’ll probably be experienced enough to know the best way to meet new people, making your solo travels not as solo after all!

While not everyone may be as seasoned of a solo traveler to head to South America or Jordan, it’s still something to keep in mind while traveling. It’s not always easy to get everyone’s schedule to match up or to choose a place that everyone wants to travel to. But traveling solo can be much more affordable thanks to cheap flights and a lot more flexible on your schedule. And who knows, you may even make new friends with other solo travelers while on your own travels!


Janice Waugh publishes Solo Traveler where you can find lots of tips and advice as well as her free ebook: Glad You’re Not Here: a solo traveler’s manifesto. She is also author of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook and has spoken at The Smithsonian Institute. 

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EVA Airways cheap flight deals to Taipei

by 10. August 2011 07:09

EVA Airways is offering attractive travel package and cheap flight deals to Taipei to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The ‘Taipei Free and Easy Package’ being offered as part of ‘EVA Air 20th Anniversary Special’ is an excellent opportunity for travelers to visit the magnificent capital of Taiwan and see many of its attractions, such as Taipei 101, tallest building in the world until 2009; Shilin Night Market, biggest night market of Taipei; National Palace Museum; Longshan Temple; Taipei Zoo; and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park.

The ‘Taipei Free and Easy Package’ offers 4 Days and 3 Nights stay at select hotels with complimentary daily breakfast. The roundtrip Economy Class ticket is available starting from US$629*. The travelers will be provided airline discount of US$60 per adult and US$40 off per child. The customers need to book air tickets latest by September 2, 2011. The travel on this offer should be completed by September 30, 2011.


  • Baggage allowance 10 kg extra as well as priority baggage
  • Dedicated check-in counter
  • Wulai day tour complimentary on Day 4
  • Roundtrip airport transfers

* Other terms and conditions applicable.

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Airline News

SriLankan Airlines to change European schedule from Sept 2011

by 9. August 2011 11:09
SriLankan Airlines recently announced that it has decided to reverse its plan and will go ahead with its European flights schedule as planned earlier.

The airline said that it will reverse its plan of the late-morning/afternoon schedule for Colombo-Dubai-Moscow Domodedovo flight services operations.

According to the airline, the route will start from September 15, 2011 and will operate in early morning as earlier planned.

Besides, flight services to Italy from Colombo will be re-scheduled to early morning hours from midnight.  

Flight Schedules:
  • Colombo – Dubai – Moscow Domodeodvo
  • UL531 CMB0730 – 1045DXB1130 – 1640DME 320 46
  • UL532 DME1740 – 2225DXB2325 – 0525+1CMB 320 46
  • Colombo – Milan Malpensa – Rome – Colombo
  • UL571 CMB0500 – 1115MXP1245 – 1405FCO1520 – 0505+1CMB 332 357

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Airline News

EVA Airways to introduce Elite Class seats on Shanghai, Beijing flights

by 9. August 2011 11:07

EVA Airways recently announced that it will start direct cross-Taiwan Strait flights from August 15, 2011, and will offer “Elite Class” seats to customers traveling to Beijing and Shanghai from Taiwan.

The airline will start bookings for new flights from August 10, 2011.

The airline said that the customers traveling in Elite Class cabins will be offered shape-memory seats with 38-inch seat pitch and adjustable headrests. The customers will also be able to enjoy other amenities, which include electronic outlets, 8.4-inch touch screen, exclusive check-in counter, exquisite in flight meals and 25 kg baggage allowance.

EVA Airways in a statement said that the flights to Beijing as well as Pudong in Shanghai will make its departure from Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport. Besides, there will also be flights to Pudong from Kaohsiung.

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Airline News

Garuda Indonesia airline deals on Hong Kong-Jakarta flights

by 8. August 2011 05:10
Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia’s national carrier, is offering fantastic cheap flight deals on its daily flights to Jakarta from Hong Kong. Couples and families in Hong Kong are greatly fascinated by Bali, the popular tourist destination in Indonesia, and love to spend their holidays here. Keeping this in view, the new cheap air deals have been put in to place to win more customers.

The airline has tied up with leading hotel groups in Bali to offer these fabulous deals.

Garuda Indonesia is offering special airline discount on roundtrip flights to Jakarta from Hong Kong. Cheap tickets to Jakarta on this offer can be booked till October 31, 2011. The roundtrip airfares to Jakarta are available at only US$335.66*.

The special flights will depart from Hong Kong at 4.55 pm and will arrive in Jakarta at 8.55 pm.

Domestic flights from Jakarta to Bali are also available to the passengers on payment of an additional US$74.30.

Terms & Conditions
  • Tickets must be booked at least 14 days in advance
  • Airfares are exclusive of fuel surcharges and other airport taxes
  • Maximum period of stay up to one month within Indonesia
* Other terms and conditions applicable.

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Airline News

Hainan Airlines New Taiyuan-Beijing direct flights for summer

by 5. August 2011 11:55
Leading Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines recently started new Taiyuan-Beijing direct flights for summer, which will operate till August 30, 2011 every Tuesday.

Flight Schedule:
  • Taiyuan-Beijing- Flight HU7667 – Departure: 07.50 – Arrival: 09.00
  • Beijing-Taiyuan- Flight HU7668 – Departure: 10.00 – Arrival: 11.10
The airline is deploying Boeing 737 aircraft on the Taiyuan-Beijing route.

Meanwhile, the daily flights to Beijing and Taiyuan continue to operate as scheduled.

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Tags: hainan airlines, taiyuan-beijing direct flights for summer

Airline News

China Airlines Cheap Flight Deals to Five Cities

by 5. August 2011 11:54
Are you planning to spend your holidays in Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Frankfurt or Rome?  Then here’s good news you have been awaiting for.
China Airlines is offering amazing cheap flight deals to these five historic and beautiful cities via Taipei. The outbound departure on this offer is valid from Brisbane and Sydney.

The travelers departing from Brisbane need to complete their journey up till November 13, 2011. One free stopover in Taipei for maximum 5 nights is allowed under this offer. However, those traveling between November 14 and December 31, 2011 on this offer will be allowed stopovers in Taipei in both directions. The maximum stay period is for 3 months.

For departures from Sydney, the travelers will be allowed one free stopover in Taipei. The maximum stay in Taipei is four days. However, the maximum stay allowed for travelers from Sydney is one year.

Departure and Fares details:
  • Departures on or between: 01 Aug-13 Nov – Brisbane: US$1549* – Sydney: US$1499*
  • Departures on or between: 14 Nov-15 Nov – Brisbane: US$1739* – Sydney: US$1499*
  • Departures on or between: 16 Nov-02 Dec – Brisbane: US$1739*
  • Departures on or between: 03 Dec-31 Dec – Brisbane: US$2029*
  • Departures on or between: 14 Jan-31 Jan – Brisbane: n/a – Sydney: US$1499*
* Other terms and conditions applicable.

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Tags: amsterdam, china airlines, frankfurt, london, rome, vienna

Airline News

Economical flight deals by Virgin Atlantic to various US destinations

by 4. August 2011 12:18
UK’s leading four star carrier- Virgin Atlantic is offering amazing flight deals on its Economy and Premium Economy Class seats to various US destinations. The travelers should book the air tickets on or before March 31, 2013.

The outbound journey on this offer is valid from London, Manchester and Glasgow. According to the airline, the travel dates will vary as per the destination and origin of departure.

Here are the airline deals indicating the destinations and the minimum amount of the tickets.
  • Cheap flights to Boston – US$337.63*
  • Cheap flights to Chicago – US$357.30*
  • Cheap flights to Los Angeles – US$521.20*
  • Cheap flights to Las Vegas – US$422.86*
  • Cheap flights to Miami – US$426.14*
  • Cheap flights to New York – US$301.57*
  • Cheap flights to Orlando – US$444.16*
  • Cheap flights to San Francisco – US$439.25*
  • Cheap flights to Washington – US$335.99*
The airfares on this offer are exclusive of fuel surcharges and other airport taxes.

* Other terms and conditions applicable.

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Tags: premium economy class seats, virgin atlantic, virgin atlantic airlines

Fabulous flight deals on Economy, Business and Holiday packages for Ramadan by Etihad Airways

by 4. August 2011 12:10

Get ready to save big on your air travel this holy month of Ramadan. UAE’s national carrier Etihad Airways is offering fabulous cheap flight deals on its Coral Economy Class, Pearl Business Class to more than 20 destinations around the world from Abu Dhabi during Ramadan.

The travelers should buy flight tickets for Coral Economy Class and Pearl Business Class up till August 7, 2011.  These airline deals on Etihad Holiday Packages can be availed up till August 31, 2011. The travel on this offer should be completed by September 30, 2011.

Promotional airfares include:

  • Muscat: Economy from UD$132.04*; Pearl Business from US$450.58*
  • Amman: Economy from US$246.39*; Pearl Business from US$766.40*
  • Beirut: Economy from US$249.11*; Pearl Business from US$948.81*
  • Athens: Economy from US$543.15*; Pearl Business from US$1,457.93*
  • Bangkok: Economy from US$641.16*; Pearl Business from US$2,193.03*
  • Manchester: Economy from US$654.77*; Pearl Business from US$4,676.01*
  • Munich: Economy from US$692.89*; Pearl Business from US$3,178.60*
  • Paris: Economy from US$692.89*; Pearl Business from US$4,123.33*
  • Johannesburg: Economy from US$837.19*; Pearl Business from US$3,508.03
Etihad Holidays will offer three-night packages for destinations including:
  • Beirut from US$522.73*
  • Muscat from US$643.88*
  • Cyprus from US$672.47*
  • Athens from US$815.40*
  • Bangkok from US$834.46*
  • London from US$1 087.66*
Terms and Conditions:
  • Fares are inclusive of taxes and surcharges and exclusive of service fees
  • Black-out dates apply for Coral Economy Class: 25 August – 1 September 2011
  • Package prices are starting prices, including applicable taxes and are per person sharing in a twin room for 3 nights
  • Package prices include return Coral Economy Class flights with Etihad Airways departing from Abu Dhabi, breakfast and applicable taxes
  • Complimentary airport transfers are provided in Beirut, Muscat, Athens & Bangkok
* Other terms and conditions applicable.

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