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Holiday Travel Tips

by margaret 18. November 2011 08:05
Holiday travel is never easy. It can involve anything from flying across the world to driving across town (which depending on who’s in the car isn’t all that easy either!). Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, here are a few tips to make it easier for you.

The Domestic Traveler

The day before Thanksgiving tends to be one of the busiest travel days in the US. After all, many people that relocate from their hometown do so to another state. For those flying out, especially out of the busier airports like Chicago's O'Hare, the biggest thing you need to pack is patience. Time will most likely not be on your side, so plan ahead. Is your airport prone to delays? Sign up for text alerts from the airport to get updates on your flights departure time.

Going through security these days isn't a walk in the park either. Be as prepared as possible by putting any liquids in a clear bag and wearing shoes and coats that won't hold up the line as you're going through (you know who you are!). While you may not be able to take that nice bottle of wine home with you in your carry on, there is one thing you can apparently take on the plane with you… the Thanksgiving turkey!

Getting to the airport can also be a bit stressful. Living in New York, I have the luxury of choosing to take a taxi or public transportation if I’m flying anywhere. But those outside of a major city should consider having a friend or family member drop them off at the airport. This way you don’t have to worry about parking and can get dropped off right at the gate. 
The International Traveler

Not every traveler has family in other parts of the world, but some of us do. Traveling during the December holidays tends to be a lot busier than it is at Thanksgiving time, and can take up more of your time waiting at the airport.
While nothing solves crazy travel better than kicking back a couple glasses of wine at the airport bar or on the plane, the best thing you can do is give yourself as much time as possible for your travels. This all starts with what day you decide to fly out. Not everyone wants to spend all of their vacation time each year with the family, but giving yourself at least one extra day makes all the difference in the world. If you haven’t booked your flight yet (which you can of course do here with Fare Buzz!), consider leaving December 21 or 22. Leaving at least two days before Christmas Eve will make for a less crowded airport, and a less stressed out you.

And one final tip that’s a must for the holiday season. If you’re planning on taking gifts to your family, wrapping them up is a no-no these days, especially if you’re taking them in your carry on through security. If something in the package looks suspicious, they will unwrap the gifts. It’s just best that you take the fancy wrapping paper with you and take care of it once you land (or just put it in a nice gift bag).

The Season of Sharing

Now is your turn to share with us! Where will you be for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season? What are your tips to make travel easier during the holiday months? Stop by our Facebook page at or tweet us @FareBuzz and share with your fellow Fare Buzz Travelers. We'll be sharing our holiday photos and would love to see yours!  

Experience Boston Cuisine

by margaret 4. November 2011 09:54

Boston is one of the largest and oldest cities in the United States. When visiting the city and all the historic sites, make sure to leave plenty of time to try the varied cuisine Boston has to offer. With options ranging from their famous seafood to an entire Italian neighborhood, it’s no surprise Boston is one of the more popular New England cities. And with cheap flights to Boston, all the delicious food will be right under your nose!

Culinary Perfection
The closeness of Boston to the New England coast brings some of the freshest seafood to the table. Dishes like cod, lobster and of course the famous clam chowder are not to be missed. Open since 1826, the Union Oyster House should definitely be a top restaurant on your list of places to go. It’s a great stop along the famous Freedom Trail, and a short distance from the famous Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall also happens to be a great casual spot to grab a bite to eat. Inside, you’ll find several seafood stands that serve up the must have lobster rolls. And if you can’t get enough of the New England seafood, you’ll also want to try Legal Seafoods, with one of their restaurants located right on the water.

Boston Chowda Lobster Roll

A Lobster Roll in Boston is one of the most popular options
(Photo by joo0ey, Creative Commons) 

Dining Variety
If you’ve had a bit too much seafood, or just aren’t a fan, not to worry! There are plenty of options outside of seafood, and the best one happens to be located in Boston’s North End neighborhood. The North End is Boston’s Little Italy, and happens to be a lot bigger than the one you’ll find in New York City. Some of the best places for dinner and lunch include Galleria Umberto, Al Dente and Benevento’s. And if you want dessert after, head over to Mike’s Pastry Shop for one of their famous cannoli’s, but be prepared to wait in line for a bit (don’t worry, it’s worth the wait!).

If you’re looking for something else, Boston is a big enough city that there’s plenty more outside of just seafood and Italian food. The Chinatown area of Boston not only serves authentic Chinese cuisine, but also a variety of Japanese and Korean restaurants to choose from. Vegetarians are well represented with options at places like the Grasshopper Vegan Restaurant. And while there are plenty of Irish pubs to pick up a pint at, Trina’s Starlight Lounge comes highly recommended for classic cocktail lovers.

Cheap Flights to Boston
Boston is one of the top places in America to learn about our history and get in a great family getaway. Cheap tickets to Boston are easy to find when you search for them at Fare Buzz!

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