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Repairs Close Washington Monument through 2014

by margaret 10. July 2012 08:43

Planning a trip to Washington DC? You’ll have to scratch the Washington Monument off of your list until about 2014. Due to last year’s earthquake, damage that was done to both the interior and exterior of the popular monument will take roughly 12-18 months to complete. The work done will require scaffolding to be put up around the monument, obstructing the view of it until completion. For more information on the repairs, you can visit the Park Planning project page.

While the monument may not be available to the public, there are still plenty of things to do when planning your vacation to Washington DC. For cheap flights to Washington DC, visit our flight page here

How To Book Airline Ticket Online

by 9. July 2012 05:53
Booking online is the best way to make sure you get reliable flight tickets for your destination at a budget you are looking for and without the hassles of finding and using a travel agent. However, though it seems easy, and in fact, is, this is a task that needs to be done carefully to make sure your journey is really smooth. Here is how you can do it.

Plan – Before you book

Decide on a destination, find out when exactly you can travel and fix an onward and return date for your travel. For international travel, find out the closest international airport to the destination you have chosen and book your cheap tickets to this city. If you are planning to visit many places, consult a map and find out the best route to save time and money.

Research – Give information and get information

First, you would need to find out which cheap flights connect your origin and destination points. For this, go to and enter the required information in the “Book Your Trip” window. Select amongst options for round-trip, one-way or multi-city. Once you have entered all the required details, click on the “Search” link. It’s alright if you don’t know the exact airport of origin or destination; you just have to enter the city’s name and the system will prompt you with the available airport options.

Analyze - Using the information

The next webpage will display all the available flight options along with their fares and number of stops. You can also view the flight departure and arrival times, wait time and flying duration. This will help you select a flight that suits your budget and time frame. If the fare is low, sometimes, the transit time or number of stops may be high. Keep this in mind when you make the booking, else you may have to spend too much time waiting in different airports.

Book – Reserve your tickets

Once you have decided on the flight, click on the “Book Now” button. The next webpage will show a summary of your booking. Check if the details are right and then proceed to enter your traveler details. Take care to give your full name and date of birth as it is in your passport to make the booking. You can also click on the additional requests link and customize your booking with meal preferences and seating preferences. This is where you should enter your Frequent Flyer Number if you have it for the airlines you have booked.

Payment and confirmation

Further down the page, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details and contact information. Review the terms and conditions of and enter your acceptance in the box. Take a print of the reservation confirmation and get your boarding pass.

Your flight reservation has now been made. Now, you can proceed to booking hotels, travel arrangements or holiday packages.

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How To Book Flight Tickets Using Our Call Center Over Phone

by 3. July 2012 04:07
Though booking flight tickets online is an easy process, it may be time consuming to get into details of various cheap flights, their fare and timings. If you don’t have the time to spare and if you are looking for a personal touch with expert advice for your bookings, you can consider booking through phone.

The process is quite simple. Just dial Fare Buzz’s call center at 1888 808 4123 or 212 391 2313 to make your booking. Select the right options from the menu depending on the class of travel you want and proceed; for instance, the option for Business class travel is 2. So if you are planning to travel Business Class, press 2 and wait for the operator to come on line. The call center also helps you book hotels, vacation packages and travel arrangements.

Before you book

Plan your travel details before you make your flight booking through Fare Buzz’s call center and keep the following information ready to save time and make things simpler.
  • The origin and destination points; it will be better if you have the specific airport names handy; else the agent can help you select an airport for the booking.
  • Dates. You will need both onward and return dates. Try to have slightly flexible dates because sometimes you can get a cheaper fare on dates close to your estimated date of travel. Check with the agent if there are any such cheaper fares and make the booking accordingly.
  • Time. If time is of essence to your travel, make sure you select a flight that will take you to your destination on time. First check flight timings with Fare Buzz’s call center agent before making the booking. You can also get information on flying time and transit time.
  • Booking information. It is important to make the booking using your full name as it is in the passport. So when you make the booking, have this information ready for you as well as others for whom you are making the booking. Reconfirm the exact spelling with the agent to avoid mistakes in booking.
  • The booking agent will offer different options on flights. Select an option according to your budget and convenience. Feel free to ask the agent for advice on which flight to select. If you are planning to take a holiday, you can also check if there are any vacation package deals for your destination.
  • Often, when an airline offers discounted tickets, there are clauses attached to the fare. So find out from the call center agent the restrictions attached to the booking; else, you may find it difficult to make any changes to the booking later.
  • If you have any special requirements, inform the agent and get it included in your booking. For instance, you can make meal requests or ask for a wheelchair.

Once you have made the booking, the representative will summarize the booking details.  Once you have confirmed the details, you can get a copy of the booking sent to you after you have made the payment.

You can also get your hotel bookings, holiday packages and car booking done through our representative to make your travel simpler.

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