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US Airways and American Airlines to merge miles programs

by amit.uniyal 25. June 2014 08:03

The two top airlines of America, US Airways and American Airlines are merging their miles program. This will be effective from 2015.

The frequent travelers who have accounts with each merger airlines will have benefit through combination of their mileage balance. Till the change is put to practice the merger airlines is providing additional benefits to their elite travelers. From June 11, elite class passengers can upgrade their travel on the same day while using services any of the two airlines.

US Airways and American Airlines are merging their miles program

The elite Dividend Miles member of US Airways can upgrade their flights the same day on American Airlines using the same rules that is applicable to AA’s elite members. This facility is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. The upgrade will be provided on American Airlines flights within USA (Hawaii included) and to Central America, Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.

In the same way, the AAdvantage members of American Airlines can upgrade their flights on the same day using the criteria that is used by elite Dividend Miles members of US Airways. This facility will be given on first-come-first-serve basis. The upgrade will be provided on US Airways flights within USA (Hawaii included) and to Central America, Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.

Both the airlines will also adjust the thresholds of its redemption policies for all US and Canada bound flights having a three-seat classification. The US Airways provides only two-seat classification, while few American Airlines provide three-seat classification. The coalition will increase the mileage demarcation on this route for high and medium buyback classes. These changes are also applicable on oneworld alliance members like Cathay Pacific that provides three-seat classification in few flights. These flights are between New York and Vancouver. In addition, Canada and Alaska are also included Dividend Miles award chart of US Airways.

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Best destinations in the U.S. to visit this summer

by amit.uniyal 20. June 2014 04:41

The summer season is now about to begin in the United States. This is one particular time when people along with their families or friends plan to spend their holidays in popular places in the country. Some might plan a visit to one of the famous cities that attracts tourists in large numbers during this time. For some, visiting a well known beach is a great idea for an ultimate summer vacations. The destinations may be quite varied, but they will of course make your holidays enjoyable and memorable.

holidays in popular places in the country

We have prepared a list of three renowned destinations that you may consider visiting in the United States. These include Honolulu, St. Petersburg and San Diego. A recent study has concluded that Honolulu has topped as the best destination in the U.S. to spend holidays this summer. St. Petersburg has made it to the top as a beach destination worth visiting. San Diego has gained a place of prominence as the top family summer destination.

Have you ever visited Honolulu, the beautiful capital city of the State of Hawaii? This is absolutely one of the best destinations to visit in the U.S. If you haven’t done so and planning to visit Honolulu for the first time, it will indeed be great to adhere to some of these travel tips. These are quite essential for all those making a trip for the first time.

Honolulu offers great attractions for the visitors here. If you are a history buff or have some interest in knowing about the history of this picturesque city, consider visiting the iconic site of USS Arizona Memorial. Visiting here brings the memories of Pearl Harbor attack alive. The memorial has been built to commemorate the marines and sailors killed on the fateful December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

While you are in Honolulu, it will be wonderful to savor Hawaiian cuisine. The local restaurants are best to visit for relishing delectable pup u platters serving raw fish or poke dishes.

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg is among the prominent beach destinations in the United States to visit this summer. It’s a place with plentiful of sunshine. Tourists from within the country and different parts of the world visit St. Petersburg in large numbers for relaxation and fun at its beaches. You can also enjoy concerts at Jannus Live in downtown St. Petersburg while enjoying your stay here.

The city has some attractions as well. Visit the Dali Museum, one of the famous landmarks, to see surrealist works showcased here in large numbers. If you are visiting the city in July, do remember to participate in the waterfront festival ‘Vans Warped Tour’ where you will enjoy musical performances by over 30 bands on five stages.
San Diego
San Diego is a great destination to enjoy summer vacation along with your kids and family. The city has many attractions to offer. Consider visiting the La Jolla Cove for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Your kids will enjoy visiting the San Diego Zoo, is home to above 3,700 animals including the giant panda, which is rarely found elsewhere in the world.

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Turkish Airlines raises baggage allowance for Shopping Festival

by amit.uniyal 15. June 2014 04:27

Turkish Airlines, Europe’s top airlines, has increased the baggage allowance on Doha-Istanbul route. Extra baggage allowance is made to celebrate Istanbul Shopping Festival en-masse.

Turkish Airline has made it possible for passengers to carry more luggage, during this annual Istanbul Shopping festival. Commenced from June 7 the Istanbul Shopping Festival will run until June 29, 2014. Baggage allowance for the route will now be 40 kg for economy class and 50 kg for business class passengers.

Turkish Airlines increased baggage allowance

Turkish airline partner of Istanbul Shopping Fest, ISF, has increased the baggage allowance so that people could make best use of the shopping festival and can travel with lots of purchases from this fest. This will indirectly help both the partners.

Istanbul Shopping Fest is celebrated every year and is the main center of attraction of the city. This shopping extravaganza exhibits the artistic, cultural, and cosmopolitan highlights of Istanbul. People from all over the world visit this place to enjoy shopping, viewing street shows, attending to live concerts, and getting in touch with latest fashion.

ISF is providing attractive discounts on new collections. You can find a lot of international brands and exclusive collection of designer boutiques, antiques, valuables, artifacts, and many more. You can even shop in Istanbul Sapphire Building, the highest building of Europe and can visit Istinye Park, where can have a chance to meet a celebrity.

Apart from shopping you can enjoy local food delights, see historical places, spend time in spas, or relax in any luxurious hotels. Spend your time visiting famous landmarks of Isanbul.

Turkish Airline has the largest country flight network with connectivity from 253 locations. The airline is also the member of Star Alliance; hence connecting to various destinations will become convenient.

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Tips on how to make your business trips exciting and fun

by amit.uniyal 10. June 2014 08:22

Many travelers rue the fact that business trips often turn out to be more and more work, instead of leisure, particularly when visiting overseas. This can however turn out to be exciting and a great fun. Though it solely depends on you how the business trip is actually handled.

What does one do when embarking on a business trip? The very thought of endless business meetings and constant stay in hotel rooms may make you tizzy. But did you ever know that this might even become glamorous as well. Make your boredom that your business trip might entail just go away by simply adding a side trip to your itinerary. This is enough to break the monotony and turn your business trip into holiday travel magic.

turn your business trip into holiday travel 

Here is how you can add more fun and pleasure to your business trip. There are many travelers who go for business meetings to destinations like Shanghai, Dubai, Delhi, Toronto or Santiago. Apart from your usual business activities here, you can simply enjoy your stay in these destinations as well.

If your company has asked you to go to meet a business client in Shanghai, here is how you should take advantage of your stay here. Consider extending your stay by a few days and think of visiting the futuristic Oriental Pearl Tower and ancient water town of Zhujiajiao. Both of them are quite remarkable and wonderful to visit. The 1,536 feet high Oriental Pearl Tower is China’s second and world’s sixth tallest TV and Radio tower. The unique architectural design makes it one of the most stunning places to visit. It offers a great photographic opportunity with the imagery of the Yangpu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge resembling to be twin dragons playing with pearls.

What if you are on a business trip to Dubai? How to make it exciting and fun is the foremost question that might appear in your mind. After putting off your business meetings behind, consider staying in Dubai for a few days more and visit the nearby Sultanate of Oman. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of wadis (oasis), mountain ranges and sand dunes. The Bedouin dwellings of nomadic tribes and date plantations are also equally pleasing to see. If you have decided to extend your stay by three days, then don’t forget to see the copper dunes of Wahiba Sands and the beautiful fishing villages in Oman.

When planning a business trip to India’s famed capital Delhi, you should better think of extending your stay for few days more and visit the nearby Agra, the fabled “City of Taj Mahal”. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this white marble mausoleum was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate the memory of his wife Begum Mumtaz Mahal. This alluring one of the seven wonders of world attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. You can also spend your night in the renowned luxury hotel in Agra – The Oberoi Amarvilas. Here you can experience Indian hospitality, opulence and grandeur at its best while simultaneously enjoying fascinating views of the Taj Mahal.

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Canada relaxes rules for using electronic devices on flights

by amit.uniyal 4. June 2014 08:02

Now, customers flying in Canadian airspace will not be warned by flight attendants against using their portable mobile devices on board their flights until the aircraft attains its cruising altitude. Such warnings will soon become a thing of the past.

Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Transport Minister, has relaxed rules regarding using of the portable electronic devices in flights. The United States has already permitted the use of electronic devices in 2013.

portable electronic devices in flights

Media reports said that Canadian airlines are now all set to allow their customers to start using their portable electronic gadgets as soon as they board their flights until it has finally landed at its destination. This will however be permissible on the condition that the transmitting of data doesn’t take place during the course of the flight. This has become possible only because of the new rules being implemented by Transport Department in the country.

Air Canada indicated that it is planning to allow its customers to make use of their electronic devices on board their flights in a few days. While, other two prominent carriers – WestJet Airlines and Porter Airlines – said that they will implement this new rule in early summer.

Canada’s Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said that the rules regarding the use of portable electronic gadgets on board the aircrafts are being relaxed. Under the new rules, the airlines are now permitted to apply for this. However, before doing so they will have to ensure that the aircraft fleet is ready to withstand and tolerate radio interference. The airlines are also required to update manuals and make amends to the flight crew training programs.

Media reports quoted Raitt as saying that there is a need to grant Canadians the freedom to take their electronic devices on board their flights as soon as possible and make use of them. Raitt made the remarks while addressing a news conference in Ottawa.

This exemption is however also applicable to the use of devices such as e-readers, electronic games, tablets and cameras, from gate-to-gate, on the condition that they are kept in flight mode or non-transmitting mode during landings and takeoffs. Cellphones, also termed as electronic devices, are also allowed on board the flights and can be used. However, the customers cannot use their cell phones for making calls or receiving and sending wireless signals.

The Transport Canada is implementing new rules in an attempt to keep itself in sync with the changes elsewhere including Europe and the United States. The rules regarding use of electronic gadgets on board the aircrafts have been relaxed in European countries and the U.S. in 2013.

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