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Things worth considering to prepare well for a long haul flight

by amit.uniyal 17. April 2015 07:14

Are you planning a long haul travel that will involve 8 hours and more? The very idea of a long haul air travel sends jitters down the spines because of the long, strenuous hours involved in the journey. But, you shouldn’t worry at all as your travel might even become luxurious and comfortable. For this you just need to consider some of the important things that would help you prepare well for your travel. You need to prepare for your comfort and entertainment. You should take all the steps required to stay healthy and fit on board the aircraft. Let us now discuss in detail these important things so that you are better equipped to handle a long haul air travel.

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How to make your travel comfortable
Clothes play a significant role in making your travel comfortable. The clothes that you wear may either add to your comfort or make you weary. Wearing tight, stiff or itchy clothes should be strictly avoided. If you do so then you will have to regret it later on. Don’t wear synthetic materials as well. The best thing is to wear loose fitting clothes that can be quite easily cleaned. You should also avoid wearing jewelry as it might pose hurdles at security checkpoints or attract attention of unwanted elements.
Some of the essential items that you should always remember to carry along with you during a long haul flight are sanitary wipes, eye mask and noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs. Sanitary wipes are important for keeping your hands and face clean. These can also be used to clean up your tray table as well. Carrying eye mask is always good. There are some airlines that provide eye masks, but there are some that don’t offer these. You will require them during the time of sleeping on an overnight flight. These provide extra protection for your eyes and help you doze off well. Similarly, ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones have their own utility. This will help you drown out the sounds on the aircraft while seek to take rest.

Carrying along with you toothpaste and toothbrush also helps. This is particularly important for all those who are in the habit of brushing their teeth after their meals or before going to sleep. Also do remember to bring some gum for keeping your teeth fresh. Chewing gum not only helps in refreshing your breath, but also helps avoid having your ears pop because of rapid change in pressure during takeoff or landing.

Keep fit and healthy while on board the flight
Staying healthy and fit on board the flight should be everybody’s concern. For this you need to take some precautions and heed to some valuable advice given here. Do remember to bring healthy snacks. This is essential for you to curb your hunger pangs in between the meals on your flight. Snacks not only satiate your hunger but also boost your energy as well. Some of the snacks that you should carry include dried mango or bananas, pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins, granola bar, trail mix, apples, and pistachios, cashews or almonds. Another way to keep fit is always keeping hydrated by drinking a lot of water. You should buy a bottle of water near the terminal before boarding the flight. Water is also available on the flight and you can simple press the call button and ask the stewardess for it.
Necessary medications are a vital part of your long haul flight preparation. Bring eye drops along with you. This will help your eyes being prevented from drying out during the flight. The container of eye drops should be small enough to pass through the security check easily. Keep yourself active on the flight. This is important to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) from taking place. Try to walk down the aisles, and move, flex and stretch your legs to keep your blood flowing. You must carry medicines that you just might require such as sleep aids, pain relief pills and anti-nausea medication.

Keep entertained with personal entertainment devices

A long haul flight might be boring. So what do you do to keep yourself entertained? Your personal electronic gadgets will help you out. Decide on the entertainment devices you want to carry along with you. You may consider bringing your iPod, Tablet, Smartphone, eReader or even a laptop. If you love reading then you should think about bringing a book, novel or magazine. Though there are many airlines that offer complimentary in-flight entertainment, but if you carry your own gadgets then these always help.

With all these valuable suggestions, you now know that long haul flight won’t be tiresome or boring at all. So, do remember to prepare well before taking a long haul air travel.

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Discovering best natural attractions in Costa Rica

by amit.uniyal 17. April 2015 04:29

Costa Rica is one of the hottest adventure travel and vacation destinations in Latin America. The country welcomes more than 2 million tourists from around the world every year. Despite being a popular Latin American destination, much remains to be unraveled in Costa Rica, particularly its biodiversity and abundant natural wonders.
The country is all set to welcome you with its miles and miles of unspoilt gorgeous beaches, awe-inspiring jungle rivers for kayaking and rafting, amazing rainforests and cloud forests offering fabulous opportunities for hiking and bird-watching, and beautiful small forest lodgings ready to attract you endlessly during your vacation stay. Apart from these, there are a wide range of spectacular boutique hotels, plush spas, golf courses and luxury resorts in this prominent eco and adventure tourism destination.

Costarica Vacation- Fare Buzz

Let us now explore the best natural attractions in Costa Rica, which yet remains to be rediscovered. These famous attractions include Tortuguero Village & Jungle Canals, Osa Peninsula, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, Arenal Volcano/Tabacón Hot Springs, Río Sarapiquí Region and Rincón de la Vieja National Park. An insight into some of these natural wonders beforehand will help you prepare well for your Costa Rica sojourn.

Tortuguero Village & Jungle Canals
Tortuguero Village is situated to the north of Limón, on the Caribbean coast. It’s a tiny collection of wooden shacks located on a narrow strip of land between a dense network of jungle canals and the Caribbean Sea. It is often called Costa Rica’s Venice, though it has more resemblance with the South American Amazon. It’s a visual treat seeing the caimans, three-toed sloth, three types of monkeys, different kinds of water birds, and a wide variety of herons, while exploring the narrow canals. The best time to visit here is between June and October to see astounding spectacle of a green turtle nesting.
Osa Peninsula
Osa Peninsula is located in the southern part of Costa Rica. It is the most biologically rich and remote region of the country. It is home to  Corcovado National Park. You will find many scarlet macaws, crocodiles and jaguars in the island. Whether you prefer camping in the park, staying outside of Puerto Jiménez or enjoying your stay in the luxurious nature lodge in Drake bay, you will find yourself surrounded by the lush, dense jungle that this beautiful country has to offer.

Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio is situated near Quepos on the central Pacific coast. The place is renowned for its monkeys. You will find plenty of them, and even the endangered squirrel monkeys, at the national park here. You will undoubtedly love visiting this place as it offers great opportunities to click postcard-perfect photos of soft, white sand beaches, uninhabited islands and steep jungle hills meeting the sea.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve
The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is located in the mountains northwest of San José. A well-maintained network of trails can be found here. The community here is also passionately involved in conservation efforts. Walking around in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve during early morning mist surrounded by hanging vines and moss, flowering orchids, majestic trees hung heavy in broad bromeliads, and sweet, chirpy bird calls, is indeed a fascinating experience.

Arenal Volcano/Tabacón Hot Springs
The Arenal Volcano/Tabacón Hot Springs is situated near La Fortuna, northwest of San José. Get ready for a thrilling light show by the lava emitting Arenal Volcano, particularly when the skies are clear. You will also find earthshaking rumble exiting and frightening too. You can even enjoy the volcano’s light show while soaking in a natural hot spring or relishing a drink at the Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort’s swim-up bar. You can also look forward to a massage here, which is incredibly inexpensive.

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Enjoying kayaking holiday in Goa

by amit.uniyal 16. April 2015 04:50

India’s smallest state Goa is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, and beautiful Mandovi and Zuari rivers, better known as its lifelines. The two rivers are also among the busiest in the country. The state is also famous for its mangroves and backwaters. A kayaking expedition is the best thing one would ever ask for while on holidays in this picturesque state.

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The months from October through May are the perfect time to visit the state for a kayaking expedition. Tourists from around the world are instantly attracted to Goa to enjoy kayaking because of its exotic beaches that are used as perfect bases to set off for paddling across the sea caves. During the process the tourists also indulge to snorkel the marine reserves and discover offshore islands.

For all those passionate about sea kayaking, the Dona Paula Beach is undoubtedly the perfect choice in the state. Kayaking is also organized by several popular clubs as well in Chicalim, Vasco Da Gama. The clubs here specialize in nature and ecotourism and can be used for multi-day kayaking trips, daily kayaking trips and other kayaking training trips. You can surely look forward to an unforgettable experience while on an exciting kayaking expedition in Goa.

If you are planning a kayaking holiday in this magnificent tiny state, you need to earmark at least one week or 7 days exclusively on the tour itinerary. There are many clubs and tour operators offering a fabulous experience. Just sample all that you expect to see and do during your 6 nights and 7 days excursion to Goa. Your trip will take you to Nerul River, Dona Paula Beach, Goan Backwaters, Benaulim and Sal Backwaters. Apart from the beaches and backwaters, you will get opportunity to see the Goa Chitra Museum, crocodiles and many species of fish and birds. There are many activities for you to indulge in during the week-long trip. These include snorkeling, scuba diving, Banana boat ride, parasailing and jet skiing.

Goa’s vast blue water bodies and alluring beaches are the ideal places for your kayaking expedition. While immersing in the adventure and fun of kayaking, you shouldn’t miss out visiting the historic museums and wonderful churches around the formerly Portuguese-ruled state. These will give you an insight into the vibrancy of the Goan people and their lifestyle. All along the kayaking tour you will also keep your taste buds tickling and hankering for more and more with the exotic and authentic Goan cuisines.
Here’s what a short itinerary on kayaking expedition to Goa will typically look like. After arriving in Goa’s capital city Panaji, spend the entire day relaxing and strolling in the streets. Set off for sailing in the Arabian Sea and kayaking in Sal backwaters on the second day. Your third day will be exciting as you can go for Banana boat ride, enjoy parasailing and jet skiing, head off for sightseeing at Goa Chitra Museum, and spend the remaining part of the hectic day shopping at the Colva Beach. On the fourth day of your stay, you can go for a short walking trip of Old Goa, participate in a scuba diving pool session, and go for a river cruise or a Crocodile Safari. Spend the entire fifth day snorkeling and scuba diving. Now you are into the final stage of your Goa sojourn. It is sixth day of your stay which you should entirely spend for kayaking in Nerul River. Your exciting holiday has come to an end and it’s time for you to depart from Goa taking back along with you the fabulous experience and memories of your enjoyable holidays.

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Enjoy summer vacation at some cleanest cities around the world

by amit.uniyal 15. April 2015 05:00

Have you started making plans for your summer vacation this year? Then staying healthy and fit in the host destination should be your prime concern. After all, your health really matters and will undoubtedly make your vacations quite enjoyable. So, what do you do now!

Why not think of visiting some of the cleanest cities in the world this summer? Consider visiting Honolulu, Great Falls, Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and Cape Coral where you will find the cleanest air and unpolluted atmosphere. These places are among the cleanest in the world today to enjoy your holidays. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended these places for your summer sojourn. You can hope to breathe a bit easier if you choose to visit these beautiful destinations. Let’s see what all these places have to offer to you.

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Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu is the capital city of State of Hawaii. It is situated nearly 2,000 miles away from the U.S. mainland. The city receives plenty of rainfall and has astoundingly low levels of particle matter and ozone. The well-planned transit system with dedicated lanes for buses has significantly cut down on emissions thus making the air much cleaner and enabling the residents leave a relaxed life in complete harmony with nature. Honolulu has of late become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The extremely clean air of this gorgeous island is a major attraction for health-conscious tourists. The pollutants are instantly carried away by the Pacific winds and the regular rainfall keeps the air free of dust and dirt. The famous tropical paradise of Honolulu is in fact renowned as the “Pearl of the Hawaii” and is definitely worth visiting.
Great Falls, Montana
Great Falls is situated in north-central Montana on the Missouri River among the five falls. It is also the third largest city in Montana. The stunning place boasts of abundant natural beauty with gorgeous nature refuges and hiking trails. The air is clean here and perfect for a healthy living. The numerous power plants and dams here have given Great Falls the epithet of “Electric City”. The landscape in the city is simply awesome. Mountains and buttes surround the city from three sides, while vast plains are to its north.  The picturesque valley and winding river gorge are all set to enthrall you whenever you choose to visit the splendid Great Falls.

Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is one of the cleanest metropolises in Europe. The government and the people have made tremendous efforts to limit emissions strictly from the industry and vehicles. The wide streets in the city have also helped in significantly curbing traffic congestion thus making the air quality excellent. Helsinki has also been ranked as the 8th cleanest city in the world and also ranked as the world’s most livable city for 2011. Over one-third of the city comprises of parks, nature reserves and other green areas thus making it as one of the world’s greenest metropolises as well. With its clean air, streets and atmosphere, Helsinki is surely a pleasant destination to visit.

Tallinn, Estonia
The small Baltic country of Estonia has been ranked by World Health Organization (WHO) as having the best air quality in the world. Nearly half of the country’s land space is covered by trees. Moreover emissions level here has been kept significantly low because of an excellent public transit system. With its many beautiful marshes, lakes, islands, straits and gulfs, a large number of tourists from different parts of the world visit Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, every year. The outstanding air quality has been a real treat for the health-conscious tourists from world over.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is among the cleanest cities in the world. The Swedish capital is also renowned for the largest numbers of clean vehicles in Europe. Nearly 5 percent of the vehicles in the country are hybrids. The clean air and greenery all around makes the city a wonderful place to be explored by simply walking around or cycling. Stockholm is not only renowned as a green city, but has also emerged over the years as a major ecological technologies hub. This one of the greenest and cleanest capitals in the world is surely worth visiting.

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Desert Safari in Egypt – A Rewarding Experience!

by amit.uniyal 14. April 2015 05:28

Embarking on a desert safari in Egypt is a rewarding experience in several ways. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to explore ancient ruins, see natural wonders and enjoy the calm of the desert. You can consider going on a desert safari lasting for few hours or even a day-long one or an overnight stay. It’s after all quite thrilling indeed.

Desert Safari With Fare Buzz

A long range desert safari in Egypt is simply the best when you are planning to get a fascinating insight into the deep desert. You may take the help of internationally recognized guides who will ably assist in exploring the Great Sand Sea and many other remote places in the country. You will however require military permits to undertake a deep desert safari. Your guide will be the best person to provide more information on this. Let’s take a look on the kinds of desert safari you should undertake and the places to explore.

Bedouin Village 4X4 Safari
Get a glimpse of the timeless lifestyle of people in Bedouin villages in the middle of the desert by going on a 4x4 drive. This will undoubtedly be an exhilarating experience on your sea and sun holiday to the resort destination of Sharm el-Sheikh. The welcoming tribes will be there to honor you, serve a herbal tea and even ask you to join them to share a shisha.

Bedouin Safari to explore Sinai desert
Exploring the magical landscapes in the Sinai Peninsula is simply awesome. Here you will find crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, deserts and mountains. The Dahab region is particularly great for sightseeing. You may also think of going on a Bedouin safari. This is surely the most exciting way to get an insight into the very heart of the Sinai desert. The excitement and joys of spending a night under the stars or the splendor of the color changing rocks during sunset will instill a feeling of romanticism.

Breathtaking views of desert oasis El Arag
The best thing to discover on a desert safari is an oasis. And, El Arag is one such uninhabited oasis waiting to be discovered in the midst of magnificent dunes. The charming spring in the middle of the oasis will be there for you to quench your thirst while on your way to conclude a long safari. The splendid views of the surrounding desert at El Arag will thrill you endlessly. The oasis is also home to two rock-cut tombs with spellbinding engravings, shards of pottery, artefacts and rich archaeological remains.

Visit Abu Ballas to see ancient pottery
Abu Ballas is yet another place to get a glimpse into the ancient past. This historical place in Egypt is situated nearly 64 km from Qasr el Sagha and can be reached after a desert safari in Gilf el Kebir. Here you will be able to see shards of pottery and thousands of ancient broken pots. The scattered pottery pieces mostly consist of Amphorae ceramics dating back to the Roman occupation of Egypt.

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Benefits of all-inclusive vacation package for your summer travel

by amit.uniyal 3. April 2015 07:57

Planning for a spring break vacation? So, now you have started getting jittery and worrisome. And, you know why. Several minute details are involved into your vacation planning – accommodations, food, excursions and other outdoor activities. Finding the right choices just might be stressful. But, you needn’t worry anymore and forget all your travel blues right away. Here’s better choice waiting just for you.

Vacation Packages- Fare Buzz

Whether you want to enjoy your spring break in Cancun or other Caribbean nations, all-inclusive spring break vacation packages might be the perfect answer for you. This will instantly remove all your worries and vacation planning stress. The packaged deal is a sane budget choice for you. The package options are designed for singles, couples and families. The choice for this all-inclusive relaxing vacation solely rests with you. If you have rightly understood the benefits that come along with the all-inclusive travel packages, then you would of course like to know how this is going to be further advantageous for you. Here are some of the benefits of all-inclusive spring break vacation packages worth considering.

Helps plan your trip stress-free
The biggest benefit that comes with all-inclusive vacation package is that you won’t feel stressed out when planning your spring break holiday. The resort which you have booked as part of this package deal offers all that you might be looking for at a predetermined price. This will give you an idea of the actual cost that your vacation will entail. This includes your accommodation, dining options and outdoor activities. An all-inclusive vacation package is not only stress-free, but it significantly cuts your cost by nearly 25 percent, when you compare the prices of other things you need to pay as you move along.

Eliminates Transportation cost
The biggest saving that comes along with all-inclusive package is that on transportation. If you had ever thought of spending all by yourself instead of an all-inclusive package, the biggest spending during your vacation would have been on transportation. But if you choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort, then the need for a rental car is immediately eliminated. You are likely to pursue most of your activities at the resort itself where you will be staying. However, if you want to enjoy sightseeing then you can make use of the shuttle service provided by the resort or simply hire a car for a short drive. Most of the all-inclusive resorts provide shuttle services for sightseeing and picking up the guests to/from the airport thus completely doing away with the need of rental cars.

No need to spend extra on meals
You don’t have to worry anymore to spend extra on your sumptuous meals. The all-inclusive vacation packages also include the cost of your food which will be available at the restaurants within the premises of the resort. However, you need to pick your all-inclusive packages wisely. Some of these packages only include snacks, while there are others that include all-you-can-eat options. You also need to ascertain whether the packages also include drinks as well. If you want to opt for unlimited alcoholic beverages and soft drinks then you might have to pay additional costs. The best thing in this case will be to pay additional cost for unlimited drinks because buying them elsewhere might be quite expensive.

Don’t have to spend more on outdoor activities
If you want to enjoy outdoor activities during your holidays then you don’t have to spend more or extra on these. Apart from accommodation and food, most all-inclusive resorts offer on-site activities as well. If you choose to stay in beachfront resorts then this is undoubtedly the best option for you. The resorts will offer non-motorized watercraft, snorkeling gear, and even shovels and sand palls for your kids. The package might also include fitness, yoga and cooking classes as well.

The benefits of all-inclusive vacation packages are manifold. According to travel experts and other related studies, buying all-inclusive packages is emotionally beneficial too. Every time you are required to pay for your drinks, meals and other activities on your vacation, the pain center in your brain gets activated and you will just have to struggle to actually relax when making a purchasing decision. By having already paid in advance for your all-inclusive vacation package the pleasure of your holidays only gets further enhanced. So, just go in for an all-inclusive spring break package to make your holiday even more enjoyable.

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Celebrating Cherry Blossom Festival 2015 in Washington D.C

by amit.uniyal 2. April 2015 05:20

It’s a celebration of spring in Washington D.C. now. The capital of the United States is all set to welcome this beautiful season with the National Cherry Blossom Festival due to take place from March 20 through April 12, 2015.

The 3-week-long annual city-wide event is a joyous celebration of the age-old tradition showcasing the lovely 3,000 cherry trees given by the city of Tokyo to the U.S. capital as a gift of friendship. The festivities offer something for everyone – arts shows, exhibitions, sports activities, gastronomy delights and much more. You just name it and they will all be there for you. Get ready to be delighted with over 90 special events and more than 200 international cultural performances.

National Cherry Blossom Festival - Fare Buzz

It’s a visual treat to find the blossoming cherry trees in the city heralding the arrival of spring and spreading bright hues with the vibrant white and pale pink flowers in the areas surrounding the Tidal Basin or the Jefferson Memorial. The National Cherry Blossom Festival also marks the start of the busy tourist season here.

Tidal Basin and National Mall best places to enjoy
The biggest challenge for you will be how best to enjoy this festival. It can be quite challenging to get around the city during this hugely popular event, particularly on the weekends. The city during this time offers limited parking. So, what should be done now! Make use of the public transportation to navigate the Tidal Basin and the National Mall.

There are some exciting things to do when in the Tidal Basin. Go on a walking tour in the early morning. This is the best way to avoid the crowds and soak up some breathtaking views of the blossoming cherry trees. You are going to thoroughly enjoy the amazing sight. Also, don’t forget to take beautiful photographs as well. If you are visiting the east side of the Tidal Basin, between the Jefferson Memorial and the National Mall, you are likely to face huge crowds. Nevertheless, this area is also great for a picnic too.

It will be simply great to take a free cherry blossom walking tour seeking the help of a National Park Service Ranger. You will get to learn a lot about the fascinating history of the cherry blossom trees and many other related things. There a many tourists who consider taking a boat cruise to enjoy the marvelous cherry blossoms. You may consider a 45-minute sightseeing tour or even a dinner cruise of nearly 3 hours.

The list of activities during the festival is endless. There are many people who enjoy paddle boating and enjoy the views of the beautiful Japanese cherry trees from the water of the Jefferson Memorial. This is also a great opportunity for you to know about the life and contributions of Thomas Jefferson, the third U.S. President and writer of the Declaration of Independence. There are still many others who prefer taking a 2-hour bike tour particularly designed for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Ride past the Jefferson Memorial, Potomac Park, Japanese lantern, Hains Point, and more.

Enjoy cultural performances and special events
The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a gala time. You can look forward to enthralling free cultural performances held across the city every day during the entire duration of the festival. These include martial arts demonstrations, song, dance, and traditional and contemporary music performances. Among the popular special events held during the festivities include the Opening Ceremony, the Sakura Matsuri- Japanese Street Festival, the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, and the Fireworks Display on the Southwest Waterfront.

Conclude the celebrations with a special meal at one of the restaurants in Washington D.C. Most delicacies served at the restaurants on this special occasion have cherries added to their recipes.

The scintillating performances and special events held during the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival are not to be missed in any case. It not only brings people together but also provides great opportunity to celebrate the season and Japanese culture in a unique way.

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