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Must visit popular Dining Destinations in the United States

by amit.uniyal 26. October 2015 05:55

Food tourism is becoming a growing trend nowadays. In recent years it has grown phenomenally in the United States. A recent study said that adults 50 and above have developed a love for the culinary arts and are looking forward to take the road less travelled with more disposable income. According to the study, food tourism will see big revenues in 2015 with the adults 50 and above expected to spend more than $120 billion on leisure travel primarily focusing on the vacation destinations based on the regional cuisines. The study further revealed that 27 million U.S. tourists engaged in culinary activities during their vacations. These culinary activities included taking cooking classes, visiting farmers’ markets, and dining out. The study pointed out that $1,271 per trip was spent by the average food traveller, with 50 percent of the spending on food-related activities.

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If you are the one passionate about foods and interested in food tourism, here are some of the best dining destinations in the United States you should consider visiting.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is the largest city in the State of Oregon. The residents of the city are environmentally conscious. You will find moiré bicycles than cars here. The city is reputed for urban gardening. The art of healthy eating has been mastered by all those residing in Portland. The most popular meal of the day is Brunch, combining healthy protein options with locally grown produce. If you are visiting Portland, particularly for food related activities, you shouldn’t think about getting your traditional comfort food of eggs and bacon. You will have to instead look forward to a kale omelette with a side of smoked-salmon hash.

Austin, Texas

Austin has been popularly nicknamed as the “Weird City”. It is truly living up to its name as well, offering the tourists a mix of traditional Southwestern classics with a modern twist. Some of the classics are undoubtedly worth trying out here. You can look forward to savouring brisket tacos covered in adobo sauce and topped with queso, cilantro and guacamole. Short ribs coated in Thai herbs are also must try. The city is definitely a place for all those looking for some quick eats while on the go. There are over 1,400 mobile food vendors across the county ready to serve you burgers, fried chicken, Tex-Mex, barbecue and more.

Washington, D.C

The very thought of visiting Washington, D.C. conjures the imagery of breathtaking historical sites to your mind. But there’s much more to Washington, D.C. than just the historical attractions. A foodie craze has hit the U.S. capital city now. Here something is offered to cater to everyone’s taste buds. Take a walk around Capitol Hill to get the traditional D.C. experience. You will find here a wide range of sophisticated American, Italian and French inspired restaurants. The D.C. staple Ben's Chili Bowl is worth checking out. It has been serving delicacies to celebrities, politicians, tourists and residents for over 55 years now.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Most people consider New Orleans, the renowned “Big Easy”, famous for its jambalaya, gumbo and other Creole foods. However, there is more other than these to cater of the quintessential foodie’s taste. You can enjoy delicious cuisines at some best Vietnamese restaurants found all over the city. If you want to enjoy something more traditional, you need to grab a po' boy sandwich at one of the many sandwich shops in the city. This Louisiana staple is traditionally a fried seafood or roast beef sandwich served on a baguette with French fries and other condiments.

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Famous fall destinations to consider visiting in the U.S.

by amit.uniyal 14. October 2015 04:35

Now that summer has faded, what better time to take a Fall trip. The United States offers some exciting fall destinations, with the added benefit of less crowds and greater savings. Here are some of the popular fall destinations in the U.S. that you should consider visiting.

Famous fall destinations

San Francisco

San Francisco welcomes the budget conscious traveler. Visit the iconic sights of the Bay Area will keep you mesmerized endlessly. Popular attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, the cable cars, and the seals at Pier 39 can be visited for free. You can also consider seeing multiple art shows at Muir Woods across the bay. The scenic AT&T Park is yet another place to visit for watching Giants baseball for free. This is possible from the archway by the waterfront promenade. Get there early to get great spot.


Make memories at the numerous theme parks in Orlando during fall. The theme parks would be less crowded as the kids have now returned to school thus offering a more pleasant experience. Several promotions are run by the Disney World during the slower fall season. Package deals are also being offered by Universal Studios coinciding with the opening of Diagon Alley in the new Harry Potter-themed section. Apart from the theme parks, you can also consider visiting galleries and museums too.

Las Vegas

Most people consider Las Vegas to be an expensive destination. But this isn’t the case always. It can prove to be quite welcoming to the budget travellers as well. But here’s a catch. Las Vegas being highly popular for its casinos would require you to overcome the urge to gamble. This would instantly help you save a significant amount and make your vacation all the more enjoyable. Fall is absolutely a great time to visit the city. The hotels here are spectacles in themselves. There are many attractions as well that can be accessed for free. These include the Bellagio Fountains, the constant acts at the Circus Circus, and the Freemont Street Experience’s Viva Vision Light Show.


Chicago, the fabled Windy City, is a great place to visit during the fall season. The weather is pleasant and the outdoor attractions are simply fantastic. The Navy Pier and the Lake Michigan shoreline are at their peak. You can also look forward to visiting the numerous museums in the city by using the excellent public transportation here. You can also gorge on the deep-dish pizza, which is moderately priced and enough to fill up your tummy.


Colorado is yet another wonderful place to visit during the fall season. The Rocky Mountain National Park with its horse riding opportunities, hiking trails and beautiful scenery is a major draw among the tourists visiting during the fall months. The Grand Lake and Estes Park situated at the opposite ends of the park entrance are great place for relaxation. Traveling through the tundra across the Continental Divide on scenic Trail Ridge Road is also an awesome experience. You can also indulge in wildlife spotting as well. Elk can be seen strolling through the center of the town.

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