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The London Parade Festival – Visit one of the biggest events in London

by 4. October 2012 08:10

The London Parade Festival is held on January 1 every year. It is one of the biggest events in London’s calendar. Tourists from world over don’t lose any opportunity to book cheap flights to London and enjoy their visit to the British capital, while saving on their airfares. The festival attracts nearly 10,000 participants from around the world every year, who take part in the magnificent London Parade Festival. Close to one million people also descend on the streets of London to watch the colorful and historic parade. Don’t miss out any chance to book flights to London and witness the Parade. Also known as the New Year’s Day Parade, it will be the 27th Anniversary of the Parade on January 1, 2013.


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Cheap places to visit in Italy

by 8. August 2012 05:42
For those who want to choose Italy for their weekend, through the internet and search engines for cheap flights you can find surprisingly affordable solutions and very cheap flight with return tickets. According to this travel blog, below are listed the most interesting destinations to discover are:

The city of the Leaning Tower is one of the most beautiful places of art and appreciated in Italy. In addition to an inevitable visit to the building that made it famous around the world, we recommend a visit to the Baptistery, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Monumental Cemetery and the Museum of Ancient Ships.

Search for flights to Malpensa airport with Skyscanner and EasyJet is easy to find some cheap ones, as well as for the LinateAirport.Tthe many planes that are available make Milan incredibly accessible and easy to reach from anywhere in Italy. For those who have never visited the capital city of Lombardy, we recommend starting from the Cathedral, continuing to the nearby Galleria and later on via Torino, where you can discover the best shopping options and some of the most famous places of the city.

The capital of Puglia has many things to do and see and do not miss a visit to Norman - Swabian Castle, one of the largest buildings in the region. It is also worth seeing the Piazza Santa Maria del Buoncosiglio, Piazza Mercantile and the Petruzzelli Theatre. If you want to relax we recommend visiting the Promenade Crollalanza which is full of places to see and don’t forget theBread beach and Tomato frequented by the locals.

TheCastello district of Cagliari is one of the most beautiful areas to visit in the capital of Sardinia. Do not miss a visit to the Cathedral, Palace Square: it was built by the Pisans in 1200, also it has the testimony of the following names, which make it a monument rich in history and art.

The capital of Liguria takes its current name in the Middle Ages by Janus and the meaning of this choice lies in the dual nature of this city that just as the gods have two faces, given that one is facing the sea and the other the mountains. Genoa is not frequented by tourists, traditionally was always attracted by the beauty of the Cinque Terre.

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How To Book Airline Ticket Online

by 9. July 2012 05:53
Booking online is the best way to make sure you get reliable flight tickets for your destination at a budget you are looking for and without the hassles of finding and using a travel agent. However, though it seems easy, and in fact, is, this is a task that needs to be done carefully to make sure your journey is really smooth. Here is how you can do it.

Plan – Before you book

Decide on a destination, find out when exactly you can travel and fix an onward and return date for your travel. For international travel, find out the closest international airport to the destination you have chosen and book your cheap tickets to this city. If you are planning to visit many places, consult a map and find out the best route to save time and money.

Research – Give information and get information

First, you would need to find out which cheap flights connect your origin and destination points. For this, go to and enter the required information in the “Book Your Trip” window. Select amongst options for round-trip, one-way or multi-city. Once you have entered all the required details, click on the “Search” link. It’s alright if you don’t know the exact airport of origin or destination; you just have to enter the city’s name and the system will prompt you with the available airport options.

Analyze - Using the information

The next webpage will display all the available flight options along with their fares and number of stops. You can also view the flight departure and arrival times, wait time and flying duration. This will help you select a flight that suits your budget and time frame. If the fare is low, sometimes, the transit time or number of stops may be high. Keep this in mind when you make the booking, else you may have to spend too much time waiting in different airports.

Book – Reserve your tickets

Once you have decided on the flight, click on the “Book Now” button. The next webpage will show a summary of your booking. Check if the details are right and then proceed to enter your traveler details. Take care to give your full name and date of birth as it is in your passport to make the booking. You can also click on the additional requests link and customize your booking with meal preferences and seating preferences. This is where you should enter your Frequent Flyer Number if you have it for the airlines you have booked.

Payment and confirmation

Further down the page, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details and contact information. Review the terms and conditions of and enter your acceptance in the box. Take a print of the reservation confirmation and get your boarding pass.

Your flight reservation has now been made. Now, you can proceed to booking hotels, travel arrangements or holiday packages.

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How To Book Flight Tickets Using Our Call Center Over Phone

by 3. July 2012 04:07
Though booking flight tickets online is an easy process, it may be time consuming to get into details of various cheap flights, their fare and timings. If you don’t have the time to spare and if you are looking for a personal touch with expert advice for your bookings, you can consider booking through phone.

The process is quite simple. Just dial Fare Buzz’s call center at 1888 808 4123 or 212 391 2313 to make your booking. Select the right options from the menu depending on the class of travel you want and proceed; for instance, the option for Business class travel is 2. So if you are planning to travel Business Class, press 2 and wait for the operator to come on line. The call center also helps you book hotels, vacation packages and travel arrangements.

Before you book

Plan your travel details before you make your flight booking through Fare Buzz’s call center and keep the following information ready to save time and make things simpler.
  • The origin and destination points; it will be better if you have the specific airport names handy; else the agent can help you select an airport for the booking.
  • Dates. You will need both onward and return dates. Try to have slightly flexible dates because sometimes you can get a cheaper fare on dates close to your estimated date of travel. Check with the agent if there are any such cheaper fares and make the booking accordingly.
  • Time. If time is of essence to your travel, make sure you select a flight that will take you to your destination on time. First check flight timings with Fare Buzz’s call center agent before making the booking. You can also get information on flying time and transit time.
  • Booking information. It is important to make the booking using your full name as it is in the passport. So when you make the booking, have this information ready for you as well as others for whom you are making the booking. Reconfirm the exact spelling with the agent to avoid mistakes in booking.
  • The booking agent will offer different options on flights. Select an option according to your budget and convenience. Feel free to ask the agent for advice on which flight to select. If you are planning to take a holiday, you can also check if there are any vacation package deals for your destination.
  • Often, when an airline offers discounted tickets, there are clauses attached to the fare. So find out from the call center agent the restrictions attached to the booking; else, you may find it difficult to make any changes to the booking later.
  • If you have any special requirements, inform the agent and get it included in your booking. For instance, you can make meal requests or ask for a wheelchair.

Once you have made the booking, the representative will summarize the booking details.  Once you have confirmed the details, you can get a copy of the booking sent to you after you have made the payment.

You can also get your hotel bookings, holiday packages and car booking done through our representative to make your travel simpler.

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Fly British Airways offpeak and avail cheap flights to New York for under USD 616

by 9. January 2012 11:01
Are you planning to travel to New York and want to save big on your air tickets? “Think of traveling off-peak in the next couple of months on British Airways and book cheap flights to New York for under $616.84. You can even get cheap tickets to New York at the same rate when you book on premier league airline like Virgin Atlantic. Both the airlines are offering roundtrip airfares,” suggested an avid travel expert in his opinion piece in a leading British newspaper.

London-New York continue to be the most competitive and busiest intercontinental air route in the world. Buying airline tickets during the peak season usually proves to be a costly affair. If you purchase air tickets at the moment then you might have to spend $1,156.57 and above. It is therefore always sane to purchase tickets for travel during off-peak season.

Further, if you are looking for more budget options for travel from London Heathrow to New York JFK then you can also consider flying Kuwait Airways and save $154.21 or more on your tickets. Kuwait Airways operates three nonstop flights to New York JFK from London Heathrow every week and you can get tickets starting $925.26.

Besides, Aer Lingus is another cheap option which can provide you a deal from London Heathrow or London Gatwick for around $1,002.36 whenever you need, with quick connections in Dublin.

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Travel Advice

Indonesia’s Airlines to see some good time ahead in year 2012

by 26. December 2011 08:32
With Higher fuel prices, the Indonesian Airlines faced tough times during the beginning of year 2011, however the industry in optimistic of great times ahead in year 2012.

With $118.o5 per barrel, jet fuel prices saw its maximum hike since September 2008 in February 2011. This jet fuel price hike led to lesser profit margins for airlines and addition of fuel charges in air fares for passengers.

However due to stabilized jet fuel prices towards the fag end of 2011 and expansion of the Indonesian economy by 6.5% in its 3rd quarter, has assured airlines of a great 2012.

The airlines are expecting an overall 18% increase in air traffic in the year 2012. As per market experts Indonesian airline market will see double the growth compared to the Indonesian economy.

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Airline News

Iberia Airlines customers to pay for free flights

by 5. September 2011 07:38
Iberia Airlines recently brought changes to its frequent flyers program much to the chagrin of the popular loyalty scheme Airmiles members.

The airline said that it is now going to ask its Airmiles members claiming ‘free flights’ to pay all the charges incurred on fuel and airport taxes.

The recent loyalty scheme overhaul has been jointly brought into vogue by British Airways as well as its new partner Iberia Airlines.

According to the airline, customers will be required to pay up to US$161.43 for returntrip to Europe, US$484.29 for New York, US$678 for Tokyo and up to US$968.58 for Australia.

Airmiles frequent flyer program is owned by British Airways and is also being used by Iberia Airlines after its merger with British Airways.

The loyalty scheme overhaul will affect nearly 8 million members of British Airways, Iberia Airlines and other member airlines.

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Airline News

China Airlines destinations to increase tenfold

by 2. September 2011 10:54
China Airlines, Taiwan’s biggest carrier, recently said that it has acquired membership in the second largest global airline alliance SkyTeam, which will significantly see its destinations increase tenfold.

The membership approval has come after 11 years of unending efforts from the 13 SkyTeam members.

The airline said that its air network will extensively widen after September 28, 2011 when the SkyTeam partnership deal is finalized.

The partnership will enable China Airlines customers avail the option of 14,000 daily flights to 169 countries in 926 destinations.

Besides, the customers of the airline will also be able to earn as well as redeem miles on all the qualifying flights network-wide.

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Airline News

EVA Airways cheap flight deals to Taipei

by 10. August 2011 07:09

EVA Airways is offering attractive travel package and cheap flight deals to Taipei to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The ‘Taipei Free and Easy Package’ being offered as part of ‘EVA Air 20th Anniversary Special’ is an excellent opportunity for travelers to visit the magnificent capital of Taiwan and see many of its attractions, such as Taipei 101, tallest building in the world until 2009; Shilin Night Market, biggest night market of Taipei; National Palace Museum; Longshan Temple; Taipei Zoo; and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park.

The ‘Taipei Free and Easy Package’ offers 4 Days and 3 Nights stay at select hotels with complimentary daily breakfast. The roundtrip Economy Class ticket is available starting from US$629*. The travelers will be provided airline discount of US$60 per adult and US$40 off per child. The customers need to book air tickets latest by September 2, 2011. The travel on this offer should be completed by September 30, 2011.


  • Baggage allowance 10 kg extra as well as priority baggage
  • Dedicated check-in counter
  • Wulai day tour complimentary on Day 4
  • Roundtrip airport transfers

* Other terms and conditions applicable.

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Airline News

SriLankan Airlines to change European schedule from Sept 2011

by 9. August 2011 11:09
SriLankan Airlines recently announced that it has decided to reverse its plan and will go ahead with its European flights schedule as planned earlier.

The airline said that it will reverse its plan of the late-morning/afternoon schedule for Colombo-Dubai-Moscow Domodedovo flight services operations.

According to the airline, the route will start from September 15, 2011 and will operate in early morning as earlier planned.

Besides, flight services to Italy from Colombo will be re-scheduled to early morning hours from midnight.  

Flight Schedules:
  • Colombo – Dubai – Moscow Domodeodvo
  • UL531 CMB0730 – 1045DXB1130 – 1640DME 320 46
  • UL532 DME1740 – 2225DXB2325 – 0525+1CMB 320 46
  • Colombo – Milan Malpensa – Rome – Colombo
  • UL571 CMB0500 – 1115MXP1245 – 1405FCO1520 – 0505+1CMB 332 357

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Airline News

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