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Repairs Close Washington Monument through 2014

by margaret 10. July 2012 08:43

Planning a trip to Washington DC? You’ll have to scratch the Washington Monument off of your list until about 2014. Due to last year’s earthquake, damage that was done to both the interior and exterior of the popular monument will take roughly 12-18 months to complete. The work done will require scaffolding to be put up around the monument, obstructing the view of it until completion. For more information on the repairs, you can visit the Park Planning project page.

While the monument may not be available to the public, there are still plenty of things to do when planning your vacation to Washington DC. For cheap flights to Washington DC, visit our flight page here

Summer Travel Tips

by margaret 20. April 2012 10:50

Summer vacation is coming up fast for families and anyone looking to get a break half way through the year. People are always looking for a deal when they travel, and this summer is no different. Whether you’re traveling abroad or traveling around home, we hope some of our suggestions will give you a few ideas to start your summer travels!

Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is one of the most popular trips for singles, couples and families to take during the summer months. Because of this, traveling during these times is considered high-season, and flights are generally a few hundred dollars more than they are from about October through May. There are ways to still have that dream vacation through Europe though while still keeping to a budget. Flying to cities like London, Paris or Rome can sometimes set you back $1,000 per person (depending of course on where you’re flying out of). Instead, fly into smaller cities like Dublin or Berlin for prices that you’ll often times find below $700 per person. Cities like this still offer a lot for visitors of any age, with plenty of history and culture to fill your schedule. Once you’re there, consider getting a rental car or taking the Eurorail to visit multiple cities while still keeping costs down.

Chirst Church Cathedral - Dublin, Ireland
Traveling to smaller cities like Dublin can help you
save on your summer vacation (Photo by Blackburn Photo)

While countries throughout Europe may top a lot of peoples Bucket List, there are plenty of other options for traveling with the family or on your own. If you and your traveling party are into diving and swimming, you can’t go wrong with an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. All-inclusives really do have everything you could possibly need for your stay, while saving you money and time. Generally, these resorts will all have plenty of opportunity for day trips and excursions throughout the area to experience something new. One of the most popular excursions is of course diving around the area you’re staying in. Someplace like the Grand Cayman Islands are very popular for this. Of course, you could always just lie on the beach all day as well! 

Traveling through North America

While Europe may be on a lot of people’s mind for a glamorous vacation, there are plenty of opportunities in our own backyard that are just as good! If it’s a wine trip you’re looking for, skip the expensive flight to Paris or Florence and fly into San Francisco or Oakland to visit the always popular Napa and Sonoma. But if you’re looking for something smaller (or you’ve already been), there are vineyards all over the US, in states like Virginia and New York on the East Coast or Indiana and Michigan in the Midwest. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a city that has plenty of European appeal, head north to Canada with a visit to Montreal. Home to over 30 museums, plenty of gardens and restaurants, it’s a city you’ll definitely find yourself having a lot of fun in, whether you’re going solo, as a couple or with the family. 

If it’s history you’re looking for, the obvious choice might be to fly out to Washington DC. But why not try something like a road trip through historic Route 66? While it at one time ran from Chicago to LA, there are still portions of the historic route that can be found on a road trip from the Midwest to the Southwest. And while the Smithsonian in DC may be well known as one of the best museums for history, the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI give it a run for its money! The museum has been home over the years to such historic artifacts as Thomas Edison’s last breath (in a test tube), the Allegheny Steam Locomotive (one of the largest ever built) and of course, being so close to the Motor City, an exhibit on Automobiles in American Life and Society. Visiting Greenfield Village during the summer months is literally like walking through time! The Village includes some replica homes, but there are several homes from notable people like Noah Webster and Robert Frost that were moved from their original spot to be in the Village. You can also take in a baseball game on your visit, played with the rules from 1867.


Robert Frost's House

A trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in
Dearborn, MI is like taking a walk through time! 

Get Out There! 

Whatever your travel budget and whatever your travel hopes are for the summer, there’s something out there for everyone, whether you want to book a European vacation for the family, or a solo road trip out west. Whatever you decide on, Fare Buzz is here to assist you with all of your vacation needs. Just call us at 888-808-4123 or send us an email at

Top Five for Italy Vacations

by margaret 15. March 2012 06:58

Italy seems to be on everyone’s Bucket List. There’s just something about it that makes everyone want to go there. Whether it’s the food and wine, history, fashion, scenery or all of the above, Italy is a popular destination year round. These are just a small handful of the things you’ll come across on your visit, if it’s your first time or your 20th time!

The Cathedrals: Regardless of your religion, the cathedrals around Italy are a thing of beauty that you really can’t miss (and not just because of their giant size and opulent appearance on the outside). The Duomo di Milano in Milan is the fourth largest cathedral in the world. It’s located at the Piazza del Duomo and is a giant among anything else you’ll see in the city. Heading up to the top, you see the intricate details and wonder just how long it took them to build it (answer: nearly six centuries!). Also worth a visit is the cathedral in Florence, Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. This cathedral was completed in 1436 and its brick dome is the largest brick dome in the world. The buildings are also part of the Historic Centre of Florence, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. And while it isn’t actually a cathedral, St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is visited by over 4 million people each year, making it one of the most visited spots in the world. 


The Duomo di Milano towers over
the city of Milan in Northern Italy 

The Food: Let’s just be honest, one of the biggest perks about a vacation to Italy is the food! From the homemade pasta dishes around the country, to the fresh seafood from the islands, it’s hard not to want to visit just for a culinary feast. The best thing about the culinary masterpieces in Italy (from rustic to 5-star) is the history behind the food. You’ll find something different in each region of the country, creating the same recipes century after century. One of the best things about the food here is how simple it all is, with each dish typically having just four to eight ingredients. The best places you can go are the little restaurants not found in the guidebooks. If you walk far enough away from the tourist attractions of the city you’re visiting, you’re bound to find a place visited by locals that will make your trip much more special.

When visiting a country like Italy,
only the freshest ingredients will do! 

The Wine: Yes, this could technically be added in with the food. But when you visit someplace like Italy, it really should be looked at separately, if for nothing else then the numerous vineyards and wine tasting opportunities throughout the country (a vacation in and of itself for many people each year). Italy is only second to France in wine production, but they come in first in wine consumption! Grapes are grown all over the country, making it easy to find a vineyard to visit for some wine tasting. Tuscany in the north is one of the more popular regions that people visit, but heading south you’ll find fantastic wines in Abruzzo and Puglia and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

The History: Some of the most beautiful structures ever built can be found around Italy. They’re also some of the oldest structures. From the Colosseum in Rome to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you can’t go far in the country without finding history that dates back hundreds (sometimes thousands) of years. Two of the most intriguing cities that are a must to visit are Herculean and Pompeii. Frozen in time due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the area was undiscovered for nearly 1700 years. Open to the public for about 250 years now, it’s one of the most popular destinations in Italy, attracting upwards of 2.6 million tourists a year. Of course one of the more popular destinations for many American’s is Rome. In Rome you’ll find the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps (to name a few).

The famous Colosseum in Rome

The Islands: Italy has a number of islands surrounding the country, some so small less than 1000 people live there, and some bigger than several U.S. states. The more well-known islands include: Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, Stromboli and Elba. While an island like Capri offers visitors a luxurious escape, Sicily and Sardinia (the two largest in Italy and the Mediterranean) offer visitors a look into the past, with some landmarks that date back to the 1100’s. Both islands have fantastic beaches, food and history with a culture that’s all their own and very much worth a visit.

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Happy Passport Day!

by margaret 8. March 2012 07:37

Saturday March 10 is Passport Day throughout the US. Only about 37% of Americans actually have a passport to be able to travel internationally. There will be events held throughout the country on Saturday, encouraging people to apply for their passport. On this day only, you’ll be able to walk into any passport office in the US and apply for a passport without an appointment. The fee for a new passport is $110 plus a $25 execution fee for adults (16 and over) and $80 plus the $25 execution fee for those under the age of 16. Check out the State Department’s website for additional information on passports.

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Tours Vs Off The Beaten Path. Which Do You Prefer?

by margaret 26. January 2012 10:21

There are many different kinds of travelers out there. There are those that love a nice relaxing cruise, those that love to be pampered in a luxury hotel, travelers who will visit a city based on its restaurant options and people whose goal it is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. But while there are a lot of varieties of travelers, it generally comes down to two varieties: Those who enjoy being part of a tour and those that enjoy going off the beaten path and creating their own adventure.

My first experience with travel abroad came right after I graduated high school. One of my close friends and I booked a two week tour throughout England and Scotland. From getting on the bus in London, visiting a farm outside of Edinburgh, seeing Loch Ness and finally making our way down to Stonehenge, it was an amazing experience. My favorite parts of that tour however were the times we had to ourselves to just wander around the town that we were visiting for the day. Before even boarding the bus in London, we decided to forgo the dreaded hop-on hop-off bus within the city and make our own tour of London. While we may have missed a few things, we had a nice walk around and ended up in a few quant neighborhoods we may have otherwise missed (ie: real London).

While over the years I’ve definitely become an off the beaten path traveler, I can see where some of the benefits of having a tour guide came into play. While I’ve always loved and had a sincere fascination with the UK, I learned a lot from our tour guide Andrew (yes, I still remember his name) and we were directed to certain places to visit during our stops that we may have otherwise never heard of (like the most amazing gingerbread we’d ever had in Scotland… we ate all of ours plus whatever we picked up as souvenirs before making it back to London!). Tours are great for people who don’t necessarily want to plan their travels on their own, or for those that may not have all the time in the world to do the research before their trip. They’re basically paying for someone else to do the planning, research, hotel booking and of course the driving. They rely on the tour guide to tell them about the place they’re visiting, where they should go and what they should see. And there’s of course nothing wrong with that.

However, there are many benefits to traveling off the beaten path. On my last trip through the UK in April of last year, I took an amazing road trip through the Galloway Forest, discovered different parts of north Wales and spent a week as a ”local” in Liverpool. Yes, we had to do some of our own research first, and no there wasn’t a tour guide to give us the history of each location visited. But we were so excited about the trip that we did our own reading before we went to educate ourselves about where we wanted to go. Even better, we were traveling at our own leisure, not on a schedule as you do with a tour group. Of course, thanks to technology, we were able to look up things as we went along as well.

My advice for traveling off the beaten path?
Just rent a car and go! With a GPS, a successful
tour on your own is always possible.

Another great off the beaten path trip I took was in Phuket, Thailand in 2008. Villas in places like Phuket are affordable, relaxing and luxurious. However, Thailand is quite an exciting and exotic country to visit, and you’ll definitely find more interesting things if you step away from the villa for the day (as hard as it may be). During this trip we rented a car for a few days and simply drove around Phuket, visiting beaches the resort doesn’t transport you to and heading into villages and towns in the area. We came across a local market (selling some rather interesting food on a stick), contributed to the building of the Giant Buddha and discovered some amazing restaurants. Overall, while the villa was an amazing place to stay and spend a couple days relaxing, it was great to get out on our own and explore the area.

Found at a market in Phuket
while exploring Thailand.

But while one style of traveling may be for you and another style for your friends or family, we can all agree that getting out into the world is always an experience no matter how you do it. But how do you prefer to travel? Are you a tour bus fan or an off the beaten path traveler?

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The Advantage of Booking A Vacation Rental

by margaret 20. January 2012 07:44
Sometimes a hotel room is great. You might need a place just to rest up for the night on a road trip, or you may want a bit of luxury for a few nights of pampering. But maybe you want to experience what it’s like to live in another country, or get a group of friends together for a vacation on a budget. For that, and more, vacation rentals are perfect!

One of the best things about vacation rentals is the price, especially when it comes to group travel. Think about taking a trip up to Vermont with a group of friends for a ski trip. You could stay at a pricey resort, or share the cost of a nice big house together. Splitting the cost between a group of up to 10 people can save you a lot of money. And what about traveling on a budget with your family to someplace like Disney for Spring Break? If you’re a family of 5 or more, hotels will generally charge you for an extra bed and can sometimes make you book another room. There’s also the option to cook your own meals, as groceries tend to be cheaper than eating out. Yes, sometimes when we’re on vacation we really don’t want to think about having to cook for ourselves. But eating out tends to add up pretty quickly, especially when restaurants and hotels know eating out is your only option. And just think of all the fun, different options you’ll find when grocery shopping in Paris!

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in New York City? You can find out for yourself with a vacation rental!

Now, consider another option when trying to decide between a hotel and a vacation rental. If you travel a lot, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you may tend to get a bit tired of staying in hotel after hotel. Vacation rentals give you a sense of feeling at home while you’re away. Yes, a home away from home if you will. In addition, if you ever plan on moving to a new city or just want to feel like a local, vacation rentals are great to give you a sense of what it’s like to live in a certain neighborhood in a certain city. Many times the owner will leave personal touches to make it feel more like you’re at home, with all the amenities you need and none of the extra charges!

How about a private pool for your family vacation to Orlando? It’s all yours in this private condo that sleeps six and starts at $91/night!

Now that we’ve started another calendar year, you’ll probably be considering where to spend your all-important vacation time. When booking your travels through the Fare Buzz site, don’t forget that you can book a vacation rental directly on our website instead of having to contact the owner and wait for approval. And don’t be shy if you need help, we’re always here to help with your travel booking needs at 888-808-4123.

Happy Travels!

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Fare Buzz Launches Vacation Rentals

by margaret 12. January 2012 05:35

Fare Buzz has recently launched a vacation rental option in a move to set the company apart from other online travel companies. It also looks to improve the company’s revenue within a crowded travel industry.                       

“We at Fare Buzz are willfully increasing our non-air business,” said Arnold Walter, President and CEO of Fare Buzz. “There’s no doubt the sale of discounted tickets is our forte, but we are enthusiastic towards the sale of car rentals, hotel bookings, vacation packages and now vacation rentals.”

A recent survey from eMarketer predicts “there will be 117.6 million online travel researchers (61 percent of internet users) and 98.3 million online travel bookers (51 percent of internet users) in the U.S. by 2012.” Millions of Americans spend close to 60 percent of their total vacation cost on accommodations. Fare Buzz now aims to bring alternative options to these travelers, with something that’s both cost effective and brings all the comforts of home.

“Vacation rental bookings have seen a phenomenal growth of 73 percent in 2011 compared to 2010, and the revenues have also increased by 11 percent,” said Walter. “Keeping those metrics in mind, Fare Buzz started its vacation rental section, as there is a lot of pie to target.”

The new vacation rental feature offers roughly 30 locations to rent from within North America. Unlike other vacation rental websites, Fare Buzz allows the customer to book directly through the website. This new option will give Fare Buzz customers the opportunity to try something new, and for the company to receive feedback regarding travel preferences. Vacation rentals can be found at

About Fare Buzz:

Started in 1994 in New York City, Fare Buzz is one of the leading travel providers in the industry. The company has created affiliations with vendors of various travel products. Due to Fare Buzz’ buying power, the company is able to negotiate aggressive deals on air, hotels, car rentals and now vacation rentals to pass the savings on to the consumer.

In addition, Fare Buzz also specializes in discounted business class fares and offers an attractive rewards program for customers. For additional information, please contact Margaret Yekulis at

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Holiday Travel Tips

by margaret 18. November 2011 08:05
Holiday travel is never easy. It can involve anything from flying across the world to driving across town (which depending on who’s in the car isn’t all that easy either!). Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, here are a few tips to make it easier for you.

The Domestic Traveler

The day before Thanksgiving tends to be one of the busiest travel days in the US. After all, many people that relocate from their hometown do so to another state. For those flying out, especially out of the busier airports like Chicago's O'Hare, the biggest thing you need to pack is patience. Time will most likely not be on your side, so plan ahead. Is your airport prone to delays? Sign up for text alerts from the airport to get updates on your flights departure time.

Going through security these days isn't a walk in the park either. Be as prepared as possible by putting any liquids in a clear bag and wearing shoes and coats that won't hold up the line as you're going through (you know who you are!). While you may not be able to take that nice bottle of wine home with you in your carry on, there is one thing you can apparently take on the plane with you… the Thanksgiving turkey!

Getting to the airport can also be a bit stressful. Living in New York, I have the luxury of choosing to take a taxi or public transportation if I’m flying anywhere. But those outside of a major city should consider having a friend or family member drop them off at the airport. This way you don’t have to worry about parking and can get dropped off right at the gate. 
The International Traveler

Not every traveler has family in other parts of the world, but some of us do. Traveling during the December holidays tends to be a lot busier than it is at Thanksgiving time, and can take up more of your time waiting at the airport.
While nothing solves crazy travel better than kicking back a couple glasses of wine at the airport bar or on the plane, the best thing you can do is give yourself as much time as possible for your travels. This all starts with what day you decide to fly out. Not everyone wants to spend all of their vacation time each year with the family, but giving yourself at least one extra day makes all the difference in the world. If you haven’t booked your flight yet (which you can of course do here with Fare Buzz!), consider leaving December 21 or 22. Leaving at least two days before Christmas Eve will make for a less crowded airport, and a less stressed out you.

And one final tip that’s a must for the holiday season. If you’re planning on taking gifts to your family, wrapping them up is a no-no these days, especially if you’re taking them in your carry on through security. If something in the package looks suspicious, they will unwrap the gifts. It’s just best that you take the fancy wrapping paper with you and take care of it once you land (or just put it in a nice gift bag).

The Season of Sharing

Now is your turn to share with us! Where will you be for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season? What are your tips to make travel easier during the holiday months? Stop by our Facebook page at or tweet us @FareBuzz and share with your fellow Fare Buzz Travelers. We'll be sharing our holiday photos and would love to see yours!  

Experience Boston Cuisine

by margaret 4. November 2011 09:54

Boston is one of the largest and oldest cities in the United States. When visiting the city and all the historic sites, make sure to leave plenty of time to try the varied cuisine Boston has to offer. With options ranging from their famous seafood to an entire Italian neighborhood, it’s no surprise Boston is one of the more popular New England cities. And with cheap flights to Boston, all the delicious food will be right under your nose!

Culinary Perfection
The closeness of Boston to the New England coast brings some of the freshest seafood to the table. Dishes like cod, lobster and of course the famous clam chowder are not to be missed. Open since 1826, the Union Oyster House should definitely be a top restaurant on your list of places to go. It’s a great stop along the famous Freedom Trail, and a short distance from the famous Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall also happens to be a great casual spot to grab a bite to eat. Inside, you’ll find several seafood stands that serve up the must have lobster rolls. And if you can’t get enough of the New England seafood, you’ll also want to try Legal Seafoods, with one of their restaurants located right on the water.

Boston Chowda Lobster Roll

A Lobster Roll in Boston is one of the most popular options
(Photo by joo0ey, Creative Commons) 

Dining Variety
If you’ve had a bit too much seafood, or just aren’t a fan, not to worry! There are plenty of options outside of seafood, and the best one happens to be located in Boston’s North End neighborhood. The North End is Boston’s Little Italy, and happens to be a lot bigger than the one you’ll find in New York City. Some of the best places for dinner and lunch include Galleria Umberto, Al Dente and Benevento’s. And if you want dessert after, head over to Mike’s Pastry Shop for one of their famous cannoli’s, but be prepared to wait in line for a bit (don’t worry, it’s worth the wait!).

If you’re looking for something else, Boston is a big enough city that there’s plenty more outside of just seafood and Italian food. The Chinatown area of Boston not only serves authentic Chinese cuisine, but also a variety of Japanese and Korean restaurants to choose from. Vegetarians are well represented with options at places like the Grasshopper Vegan Restaurant. And while there are plenty of Irish pubs to pick up a pint at, Trina’s Starlight Lounge comes highly recommended for classic cocktail lovers.

Cheap Flights to Boston
Boston is one of the top places in America to learn about our history and get in a great family getaway. Cheap tickets to Boston are easy to find when you search for them at Fare Buzz!

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America, Take Back Your Vacation!

by margaret 28. October 2011 12:45
America, Take Back Your Vacation
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For additional information on this Contest, please contact:
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