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Corporate Travel Management

by Joe 6. January 2009 10:15

Many companies rely heavily on travel in order to conduct business. There may be sales people who need to travel to present some product or service. There may also be employee training that can not be conducted in house so these employees need to travel to some location for their training. Whatever the case may be, companies find themselves in need of airfare, hotels and car rentals.

Most companies utilize inhouse employees to manage the companies travel needs or the employee who will be traveling prepares their travel need themselves. If your company does a significant amount of travel and manages their travel needs in this manner your company could be over spending on travel.

Most travelers are savvy in terms of travel may not be savvy enough to get the best pricing on travel services. Working with a firm like Fare Buzz allows companies to have someone they can rely on the help get travel at prices much lower than purchasing travel themselves. Since Fare Buzz books a significant amount of travel we are able to get prices that companies may not be able to get since the company is most likely going to pay retail prices for their travel needs.

Outsourcing your Corporate Travel Management will not only generate a cost savings but it would allow companies to have a resource to work directly with airlines to get those employees who seek travel that seat on the plane at the time they need or that suite in their favorite hotel.

Joseph Maresca
Online Marketing Director

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