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Cheap Airfare and How to Find it

by Walter 9. January 2009 11:07

Many of us rely on the Internet and Search Engines when we are looking for cheap airfare. We go to or some other search engine and search keywords like "cheap airfare" or "cheap air tickets" and visit the sites listed in the search results. However, there is a problem with looking for cheap airfare through cheap airfare keywords in search engines. The problem being that just because these sites are listed in these search engine results doesn't mean the fares will be cheap.

Sites where placed in these search results through marketing efforts. The only way to ensure cheap airfare is to search the actual sites and do some comparison shopping. Studies show that 17% of users who shop airfare buy from the first site they find and 63% of users shop travel sites that have a recognizable brand name. The problem with that is just because you book airfare from a site that is very popular doesn't mean the fare would be cheap. Chances are the fares will be very high on sites that are most regonizable since the marketing budgets of these well known sites are vast. These marketing budgets are what helps make the world know these brand names.

To find cheap airfare you have to do some homework. I am not saying that airfare on the most popular booking sites are not cheap at times. However, finding the best airfare prices will call for comparison shopping and research. Searching multiple websites for airfare pricing would possibly save you a few hundred dollars if you are user who rather book with the first site you find or a name you heard of on a T.V. commercial. If you search airfare with sites like Travelocity or Expedia, include an air consolidator into you research to see if you can save some money. An Airfare consolidator is broker who who has exclusive contracts with the airline and resells airfare that they receive from that airline. These contacts allow the air consolidator to get airfare at a discounted price and allow the air condolidator to sell that airfare for a discount.

Fare Buzz is an air consolidator. The next time you are searching for airfare prices add Fare Buzz to you research. By doing so you just added another way to save money on your travel.

Joseph Maresca
Online Marketing Director

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