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Business Travel View - Hong Kong

by Anjeeta 19. August 2009 11:00

The dynamic financial powerhouse that is Hong Kong is located on the southeast coastof China at the mouth of the Pear River. This Chinese administered territory whichfaces the South China Sea is made up of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsulaand the New Territories which border the mainland.

Hong Kong is a pulsating city which is today considered to be a major financialcapital of the world was colonized by the British in 1842 after the First OpiumWar with China. Actually the territory of Hong Kong which was then made up of afew fishing villages was ceded to the British under the Treaty of Nanking whichwas signed to end the war. The British who then controlled Hong Kong for over acentury helped to transform it from a sleepy fishing village into a major centerof world trade and manufacturing with the help of cheap labor that was sourced fromthe mainland.

Over the years as the Chinese mainland opened up to foreign trade and investmentin the late 1970s, Hong Kong also began to function as an important gateway to theregion and bankers, lawyers and other professionals flocked to the city which alsobecame an important hub for the regional headquarters of many multinational companies.

Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule on the 1st of July 1997 and today functions asa Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. This unique arrangementallows the city's vibrant capitalist, laissez faire economy to thrive as it continuesto enjoy a high degree of autonomy and freedoms.

Moreover Hong Kong offers a stable and efficient business environment which is characterizedwith modern infrastructure and telecommunications where government controls areminimal. The city has a supercharged business environment which features constantinteraction between thousands of overseas firms and local businesses who are engagedin the business of setting up international networks, establishing new lines ofbusiness and sourcing new avenues for supplies. Further the present day economiclandscape of Hong Kong also features a vast number of mainland Chinese businessmenhave been attracted by its liberal and open business atmosphere. All this intensebusiness activity has helped make Hong Kong the 9th largest economy in the worldand an immensely important destination for the business traveler.

In addition to being a premier business destination, Hong Kong also functions asa leading venue for conferences, exhibitions and meetings as it is equipped withtwo main expo venues, namely the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre andthe Asia World Exhibitions Centre both of which play host to a number of diverseevents all year round. It is estimated that the Hong Kong Convention and ExhibitionCentre can host nearly 140,000 people a day.

To cater to the needs of the many business travelers who arrive all year long inHong Kong, the city is equipped with a wide assortment of hotels some of which likethe opulent Peninsula with its fleet of Rolls Royce's and rooftop helipad are infact legendary for their exquisite service and amenities. Other hotels in Hong Kongthat are popular with business travelers include the Mandarin Oriental which islocated in the midst of the city's Central business district, the Grand Hyatt whichis located in close proximity to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centreand the Four Seasons which is a part of the towering International Finance CenterComplex. Apart from these hotels, the city also has many restaurants, bars and leisurecenters which provide the business traveler with an opportunity to relax and rejuvenateafter a long work day which often involves intense deal making.

Getting to Hong Kong from any part of the world is also relatively easy as the cityis well served by its own homegrown, highly ranked airline Cathay Pacific whichis world renowned for its superlative business class service. Additionally the city'shigh tech Hong Kong International Airport which is located on Lantau Island servesas a major gateway to the Chinese mainland.

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