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Business Travel View - São Paulo

by Anjeeta 9. September 2009 10:38
Sao Paulo is the capital of Brazil which along with Russia, India and China has been described as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Accordingly the pace of life in Sao Paulo, which is often called ‘the locomotive of the Brazilian economy’, is fast and frantic. 

Sao Paulo or ‘Sampaul’ as it is called by the locals is a large and bustling city that is home to nearly 20 million people who are popularly known as ‘paulistanos’. Further this city which is also the largest city in Brazil generates approximately 15 percent of Brazil’s GDP. All the major industries of Brazil have a presence in Sao Paulo which is also an important global financial center that is home to the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA), the Future Markets, and the Cereal Market Stock Exchanges. The computerized and thoroughly modern BOVESPA is the largest stock exchange in Latin America and third largest in the world. 

Some of the main industries that are based in Sao Paulo include telecommunications, automotive, pharmaceutical, beauty and cosmetics, fashion, consulting, construction and of course banking. The city has more than 1500 bank branches and also hosts the Brazilian Federal Bank, Banco do Brasil, in its famous Italia Building which was once considered to be the tallest building in South America.

Aside from being an industrial and financial hub, this sprawling city is also equipped with a great selection of meeting halls, trade fair and convention centers as it hosts a number of expositions, conferences, and international trade meetings all year round. Some of the popular venues for these events are the Centro de Exposicoes Imigrantes Brazil, the Transamerica Expo Center and the Anhembi Show Pavilion.

It is widely acknowledged that Sao Paulo is the best Latin American city to conduct business and 63% of all the international companies that do business in Brazil have their headquarters in Sao Paulo which is an important center for business tourism given its prominent position in Latin America. 

Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport which is also known as Cumbica International is one of is the busiest Brazilian airports plays host to wide array of international and domestic carriers and is well connected by taxi and shuttle bus to the downtown Sao Paulo which is located nearly 25 kilometers away. Apart from its busy airport, Sao Paulo has a number of boutique and business hotels which are favored by the business travelers who visit this city all year round. Some of the hotels favored by business visitors to Sau Paulo are the Hotel Emiliano which is located in close proximity to the Paulista and Faria Lima Avenues which are the major financial and business centers of Sao Paulo and the understated Renaissance Hotel which is part of the Marriott Group and is located in heart of the fashionable Jardins district of Sao Paulo. 

Additionally Sao Paulo has with more than 30,000 restaurants which serve a wide array of diverse cuisines and several bars, night clubs, art galleries, museums, parks and fashionable stores which offer a wide range of after-hours entertainment options for the business traveler. 

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