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Business Travel View - Buenos Aires

by Walter 24. February 2010 08:00
The Argentinean city of Buenos Aires is located on the west bank of the Río de la Plata. The Rio de la Plata is an estuary of the Parana and Uruguay rivers which forms a muddy fertile basin and the border between Argentina and Uruguay. Buenos Aires which is the capital of Argentina is also its largest port. In fact, the residents of Buenos Aires are commonly referred to as ‘portenos’ which translates from Spanish as ‘people from the port.’

Buenos Aires not only has the distinction of being the largest port in Argentina but it is the largest port i1n all of South America. As a result of its large size, it handles much of the container traffic for South America. Buenos Aires which is colloquially called ‘Bue’ is, in fact, the financial, industrial, commercial, and cultural hub of Argentina and one of the most prominent cities in South America.

Buenos Aires which was occupied by Spanish colonists in the 16th century and which subsequently followed an open door policy for European immigrants in the 19th Century is a city which bears the distinct stamp of European style. This European influence is widely seen in real estate makeup of the city which is characterized by wide boulevards, imposing architecture, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes. So widespread is this European influence that Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as ‘the Paris of the South’. This port is home to approximately three million people who live in 50 districts called Barrios and the city of Buenos Aires along with the wider metropolitan area of Greater Buenos Aries forms a teeming megapolis which is visited frequently by both business and leisure travelers all year round.

Aside from its physical beauty, Buenos Aires is also known for its preeminent position in the Argentine economy. The city is home to several thriving industries like oil refining, textile production, metal works, chemicals and automobile manufacturing though it also has a strong services sector wherein advertising, financial services, and the hospitality industry play a prominent role. Agriculture and cattle farming are extremely important sectors in the Argentinean economy and accordingly Buenos Aires has a thriving food production and processing industry which processes and exports the dairy, meat, grain, tobacco, wool, leather products and fine Malbec wines which are produced in various parts of Argentina. Much of this hectic business activity is conducted in a central area of Buenos Aires which is known as the Microcentro.

Aside from its economic and commercial significance, Buenos Aires also enjoys a reputation as a global center for the arts and culture. Buenos Aires is, in fact, renowned the world over as the birthplace of the dance form known as ‘the Tango’ and the city has several schools where visitors can study this energetic but graceful dance form. Additionally, the city is also known for its many landmarks like its world famous zoo, its botanic gardens and fantastic museums like the Museo Nacional De Belles Artes, the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires/Collection Constantini( MALBA) amongst others.

Further, the city also hosts several prominent cultural events and fairs like the huge annual contemporary art fair called ArteBA and the Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires, or International Book Fair which is the largest book fair in Latin America. Both these world famous events attract hordes of business as well as leisure travelers to this vibrant port city. These travelers usually arrive in the city by flying into its Ezeiza International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini ) which is located in Retiro in Gran Buenos Aries and which can be accessed via a half an hour drive from downtown Buenos Aires on the Ricchieri Highway.

To cater to the needs of these numerous years round business and leisure travelers, Buenos Aires is equipped with over 300 hotels many of which are located in the city’s stylish, upscale, ‘old money’ district called Recoleta which is famous for its magnificent cemetery La Recoleta Cemetery. This cemetery contains the remains of the rich and famous of Buenos Aires, including the remains of the celebrated Eva Peron, an actress and the politician wife of former Argentinean President Juan Peron. Located within the Recoleta district, are hotels like the Alvaer Palace Hotel, reputed to be the most luxurious hotel in South America which is reeks of opulence with its carved marble balustrades and French furniture, The Four Seasons Buenos Aires and the Palacio Duhau- Park Hyatt which are favored by business travelers to Buenos Aires.

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