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Cathay Pacific And Air France Introduce Airbags

by 15. June 2010 10:46
Cathay pacific and Air France, fitting seatbelt mounted airbags in their economy class cabins. These airbags have been introduced in effort to reduce fatalities in the result of a plane accident.

From last October, all aircraft built in the US must meet standards designed to keep passengers conscious through an impact involving deceleration at 16 times the force of gravity. The same rules will be introduced in Europe by the end of next years. While many seats have been made to comply with the so called 16g rule without needing airbags which are installed in about 2 percent of seats manufacturer AmSafe predicts they will become standard by 2020.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Officer Tony Tyler said that “The problem with our economy seats is that they have rigid shells and a head impact is more difficult to handle” therefore we need airbags.

Approx. 80 percent of plane crashes are survivable and a study of 25 impact related accidents by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority for the US Federal Aviation Administration found that stronger seats and better restraints could have averted 62 fatalities.

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