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Seven Secrets Of Sao Paulo

by Richa G 1. December 2012 05:54

Sao Paulo's first secret hits all its first time visitors in the face. Don't make the mistake of traveling to this city expecting some hot South American beaches and wilderness. Sao Paulo is a complete metropolis with congested roads, towering high-rises and bustling offices. The cultural and art scene, however give the city a distinct image and these combined with fantastic shopping options and terrific nightlife make Sampa (as the locals prefer to call their city) a lovely place to visit.

Check out seven secrets of Sao Paulo ranging from funny to bizarre; these are sure to make your holiday in this city a lot more interesting.

Secret #1: Voodoohop
Don't get scared when a seemingly abandoned building comes to life with music. Voodoohop is a group that started with performances in old car garages and isolated buildings; the group's popularity increased manifold, thanks to word-of-mouth campaigning and of course, Facebook. Now a favorite with many locals, a bizarre concert with Voodoohop is sure to electrify your holiday. Keep a watch on their Facebook page for event listings.

Secret #2: Ludus Luderia Bar
This bar in May Street offers great food and cold beer; but then, that's available all over the city. What makes this place different is, it combines this food with some excellent gaming; that too, of the non-digital type. If games like Monopoly and Scrabble bring back fond memories of your childhood, visit this bar and have fun playing any of its 700 board games. Here is a secret Sao Paulo specialty that you're sure to wish you had in your hometown too.

Secret #3: Beco De Batman
Try to find a piece of blank space in Beco De Batman and you may have spend your whole day searching around with a magnifying glass. A whole alley covered with graffiti drawn by stencilers and painted by excellent artists, the Beco De Batman keeps changing every week. This versatile landmark of Sao Paulo is a treasured attraction, yet not too crowded with tourists.

Secret #4: A Figueira Rubaiyat
The centerpiece of this restaurant is a 130 year old Fig tree; but that isn't the main attraction here. The food is. Fresh food direct from the ranch is enough to attract a sizeable crowd; but when the food tastes like heaven, people may even be ready to climb on the tree to wait. If you are a fan of grilled meat, this restaurant is heaven for you. The soft steaks here are worth dying for; go there to experience.

Secret #5: Z Carniceria
No, you are not here to buy meat, but you will be forgiven for thinking you are in a butcher's shop. The bright red lights of the bar highlight its theme and history, both being a meat-packing unit. Complete with meat hooks and counters, this is an interesting place for a cowtail, oops... a cocktail.

Secret #6: Air taxi
Did you know Sao Paulo; not New York, not Tokyo, is the helicopter capital of the world? The land traffic is so congested that people with the means and the wings have resorted to air transport to travel. Landing pads can be found in lots of hotels and skyscrapers. So if you want a tour of the city, see it from the skies.

Secret #7: Juquehy
If you feel the beach is the only attraction that's missing in the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo, think again. The sexy Juquehy beach is just a couple of hours away from Sao Paulo by car. With clean sand, clean water and plenty of activities, this secret getaway from Sao Paulo just completes your holiday.

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