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Five Places to Take a Nap in Munich

by Richa G 2. January 2013 03:36
Does this make sense? Of course, the best place to take a nap during a holiday would be in a soft bed in your hotel; and since Munich has plenty of these, why bother? Because Munich gives its visitors the opportunity to take a nap in places other than its hotel beds! When you consider the jet lag, stress of traveling and just the pleasure of a holiday nap, why not? Discover the places in Munich where you can grab a quick twenty winks to get refreshed in the middle of a holiday.

Napcab Sleeping Cabins
Your own private sleep chamber amidst the bustle of a chaotic airport. Is that possible? It is in Munich! The Napcabs in the non-public area of Terminal 2 near gates G06 and H34 offer welcome respite from the crowd and noise for just € 15 per hour during the day and € 10 per hour at night. This is a blessing especially if you have to wait for long for your departure flight or for a transit flight. Apart from a bed, the nap cab also provides a work desk, music station and internet. It's like a mini hotel in the middle of the airport.

Englischer Garten
Find your favorite spot in this vast paradise and settle down for a relaxing nap with the sky as your canopy. Enjoy the beer, currywurst and pretzels along with a swim in the river; after all this, get back to sleep again. Nothing can be more relaxing than a sunbathing session in the Englischer Garten watching people strolling, lazing around, walking their pets, playing and enjoying the fresh feeling of being outdoors.

Enjoy snoozing in an igloo
You can't leave Munich without visiting Germany's highest peak Zugspitz. Though this peak can be covered in just a day, it will be lovely to stay here to enjoy the scenery, the weather and the activities the place has to offer. And when you have the option to stay in an igloo at the igloo village, how can you miss this opportunity? Curl up in your own private igloo which has a bathroom attached, enjoy the feeling of warmth in an ice-cold peak and savor the fondue and wine in your romantic igloo suite.

Drive to sleep in a car
If you liked the BMW Museum in Munich, you will love the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart. Just drive over to stay in this automobile themed hotel where all the rooms have their own automobile premise. In fact, the hotel itself is housed in an auto museum. Just don't be surprised when you wake up and find yourself sleeping in a car with a genuine looking gas station inside your room.

Nap by the pool
After a refreshing, long swim in a heated swimming pool, the best thing to do is doze off. Whether you choose the outdoor heated pool of Dante bad, the stylish, yet ancient atmosphere of the Volksbad pool or the calming sauna at Nordbad, Munich's public baths are just the right place for a nice swim, a massage and a nap. Find a quiet corner after your swim and drift away.

Doesn't this make Munich your "dream" destination in more ways than one?

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