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Spotting the Spas in Phoenix

by Richa G 4. January 2013 03:36
Welcome to Spaland, Phoenix, a place where nature offers its best to nurture health spas that are not only appealing, but also functional; a place where the art of healing through spa therapy is perfected along with the commerce of attracting people to this art. It all started in the early 19th century when people flocked here believing the desert had powers to cure ailments like tuberculosis. This craze was capitalized by the Land of the Sun to make it the Land of the Spa it is today.

So where are the best resort and destination spas in Phoenix?

The Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms Resort
Exquisite massages in private terrace suites with a fabulous view, the best of spa amenities, excellent service and innovative touches like a rain shower make the Alvadora Spa a favorite with locals and tourists. Whether you want your spa therapy in your special spa suite which has its own soaking pool and spa amenities or you want a relaxing massage done in the charming Alvadora spa with its private gardens and waterfalls, the choice is yours; but the satisfaction you get is guaranteed. Insider tip: try the Citrus Body buff and couples massage here.

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa
Make sure you book in advance to enjoy this ultra-luxurious spa resort. With its spectacular setting, unique architecture, meditation gardens and Watsu pool, the spa at Sanctuary Camelback is serious about its healthcare attitude. The resort also understands that the purpose of spa therapy is defeated when it is not accompanied by the right diet. The resort’s special spa cuisine rubs in this message; so don’t be surprised when you are offered a spa menu after your workout.

Aji Spa at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass
The flavor, essence and spirit of the Aji Spa are its Native American core. Experience wonderful therapies that come straight from the ancient American book of rituals; the massages and ingredients like red clay from the Gila River further enhance the experience. The ambience too is stunning and thoughtful with a completely private outdoor space for women.

Joya Spa, Montelucia Resort
The Joya Spa speaks of transformation, purification, self-discipline and meditation in its Spanish and Moroccan themed health temple. Traditional values on one hand, modern functionality on the other, make this a completely irresistible spa to visit and stay in. After soaking in the luxury of Hammam, enjoy the state-of-art equipments of Joya like the zero-gravity chair for your pedicure, a dancing massage table and jade massage rollers.

Golden Doors Spa at the Boulders
Should you opt for Pilates, Yoga or Tai Chi for your body rejuvenation? Why don’t you ask the in-house astrologer at the Golden Doors Spa at the Boulders resort? With Group Shamanic experiences, talking tree readings and Hopi medicine wheels, you will be forgiven when you wake up in the midst of your spa massage and think you are in the sets of the movie Avatar.

Plenty of spa options ranging from affordable to posh, each offering its own signature touch and a completely different experience in Phoenix; try at least one of these options for a truly refreshing holiday.

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