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British Airways Introduces New Flavors of Tea

by Richa G 29. January 2013 08:09

British Airways said that it will be serving stronger flavors of tea onboard to passengers in order to tone down flyers sense of taste affected by high altitudes.

British Airways and Twinings brand came together to create these new flavors of tea, which will be offered to passengers from February 1, 2013. The airline said that these new flavors are designed in such a manner that they are able to revive close to 30% of sense of flavor for passengers flying at 35,000 feet.

The carrier conducted a taste test on 19 people including passengers, flight attendants and culinary experts. And post the test, the carrier found that these new flavors were capable of improving the taste buds, which were affected and reduced due to Lower air pressure and humidity.

In a rough estimate British Airways serves close to 35 million cups of tea each year. Passengers flying on British Airways flights will be served a blend of Kenyan, Assam and High-grown Ceylon teas.

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