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Air China to offer new products for visa-free transit passengers

by Richa G 12. February 2013 09:10

The transit passengers taking Air China flights and traveling via Beijing would be offered new services and products by the airline. The airline’s announcement has come following the new 72-hour visa-free transit policy recently announced by the Chinese government. The new policy has come into effect starting January 1, 2013.

Under the new policy, the travelers from the 45 approved countries would be able to enjoy a 72-hour visa-free transit through Beijing. This will allow the travelers to avail a 72 hour stay in Beijing without the requirements of having a visa. The travelers will be able to utilize their short stay in Beijing to visit its several attractions or fulfill their business needs within the Beijing Municipality.
The new 72-hour visa-free transit policy will be applicable to travelers from 45 countries, including Canada, Singapore, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Britain.

A spokesperson of Air China said that the 72-hour visa-free transit policy would prove to be beneficial to the airline as the travelers would increasingly purchase Air China flight tickets. The policy is also aimed at increasing the passengers entering China through its main hub, the Beijing Capital International Airport.

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