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Singapore Intl Airport to Get a Terminal for Budget Carriers

by Richa G 13. February 2013 09:40

Changi International Airport announced that it will soon start the construction of its fourth terminal. This airport will specifically be catering to the sprout created by low-cost airlines.

The airport authorities said that in the coming five years passenger traffic to the airport will increase to 82 million a year. And this sprout will predominantly created by passengers flying in and out on cheap flights. To cater to this huge flow of passengers the airport will start constructing its fourth terminal from October this year. The terminal will take nearly four years to complete and will be ready by 2017 end approximately.

Tourism in Asia has bloomed in the past few years, due to the growth in incomes of travelers and ample availability to affordable travel options. And it is due to this reason that Changi airport has seen increase in passenger traffic by leaps and bounds. This new terminal will cost $485 million to get constructed and will be able to handle approximately 16 million passengers each year.

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