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Frontier Airlines to Discontinue Its Services to Colorado Springs

by Richa G 18. February 2013 01:25

Cheap flights on frontier Airlines to Colorado Springs will soon end. The airlines in an announcement said that it plans to stop flying to/from Colorado Springs from early April.

The airline earlier in January had decided to discontinue its flights from Colorado Springs to San Diego, Denver and Orlando. However it has decided to continue its services to Phoenix and Los Angeles from Colorado Springs. The airline exited from San Diego on Feb 14 and will finally exit from Orlando on Feb 25 and Denver on March 2, 2013.

Frontier spokeswoman, Kate O'Malley said that after announcing to discontinue its flights to San Diego, Denver and Orlando, the airline witnessed a sharp fall in the number of bookings made to Los Angeles and Phoenix. And it was this steep fall that was responsible for us to terminate our services to the remaining two cities from Colorado Springs. She said that frontier has decided to exit from Los Angeles from March 2 and from Phoenix from April 7.

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