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Newly designed economy class seats on the anvil

by Richa G 4. March 2013 10:09

Whether booking cheap flights or other flight tickets, the passengers can now look forward to newly designed economy class seats in future.

Media reports recently said that the days of traveling into cramped economy class seats would soon be over and flying would be quite relaxing and a great experience.

According to reports, reclining seats had been a major irritant for passengers for years as the passenger seated in front of another passenger seemed to invade the space thereby causing discomfort to those sated behind. Over the years the seat pitch was getting smaller thus worsening the situation further for the passengers, sometimes even causing fights.

However, an engineering student named Alireza Yaghoubi recently won the first prize for the James Dyson Award for his unique design concept ‘AirGo’. The economy class seat under this concept is aimed at giving the fliers control over their limited seat space, particularly when the passenger seated in front of them is reclining.

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