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Virgin America best performing U.S. carrier in 2012

by Richa G 30. April 2013 10:10

Media reports recently said that Virgin America has performed well among leading U.S. carriers in the year 2012. A travel industry report outlined that Virgin America has emerged at the top among leading U.S. carriers in catering to its customers by performing the best job.

The report said that the customers booking air tickets on Virgin America expressed immense satisfaction with the airline’s performance. The report quoting passengers’ feedback said that the airline did the best job on baggage handling. The airline also reported the second-lowest rate of passengers denied seats due to overbookings. Currently headquartered in Burlingame, Virgin America has become the overall leader among the U.S. carriers.

A total of 14 largest U.S. airlines were ranked based on on-time arrivals, consumer complaints, mishandled baggage, and passengers being turned away after buying tickets because of the flights being overbooked.

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