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2013 Taipei Event Listings

by Richa G 22. May 2013 07:40

Housing beautiful attractions and offering plenty of fun activities for visitors, the wonderful city of Taipei organizes events all year round. If you happen to visit Taipei anytime in the year, don’t miss the shows. Below is the 2013 events calendar of Taipei:

Taipei Film Festival (28th June – 20th July 2013) – Everyone loves watching movies; especially those from other language depicting different culture.  The Taipei Film Festival is an excellent promoter of the Taiwanese cinema. This event is a great way to strengthen relations with other countries, also for cultural exchanges. This year’s event will showcase the works of new and emerging artists from the industry.

Taipei Pineapple Cake Cultural Festival (21st – 23rd June, 2013) – The event will be held at the Taipei Expo Park, and you can expect a series of fun activities at the show. Of course, cake tasting will be the major activity/attraction of the show. Amuse your taste buds by attending this event. You can also expect a series of complimentary activities here in the show.

Taipei International Bird Watching Fair (26-27th October 2013) – This event is specially organized to highlight the importance of natural-resource conservation among public. The event will be held at the Guandu National Park. Local and migratory birds will be featured by the fair to promote cross-border environmental protection.

2013 Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival (18th – 21st October 2013) – This year’s event will be highlighted by a cross-regional ritual of the holy Yimins. The slogan of this year’s event will be “Holly Yamins Patrolling in the Blessed Land of Hakka.”

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