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Amalgamation of Cultures in Brussels

by Richa G 24. May 2013 06:40

Brussels, the capital of Belgium is a beautiful destination. It is also considered being an unofficial capital of the European Union. This city is famous for its unique culture as it is situated at the cultural -cross roads. On its one side, Germanic and on the other, Romance offers a unique mix of cultures. Also referred to as the “melting pot” of cultures, the destination attracts a large number of tourists who are interested in seeing its archetypical culture and its impact on society. A great variety of events and festivals are held here that reflects the art, culture and traditions of the city.

Brussels Summer Fair is one of the most important events held in the city. It is a big fest that reflects the culture of the place. Visitors love to enjoy theatrical performances, local arts and crafts, local cuisines, music, dance, street animations, witnessing architectural heritage and much more. The last ten days of August are full of fun and gaiety as the festival is going on. Visitors coming from countries other than Belgium are amazed to see the richness of heritage and the way different cultures have amalgamated to create a new culture.

Nuit Blanche is another popular festival. City’s various aspects are brought to the limelight. City’s local artists display their art and skills, and this is truly a feast for the art enthusiasts. Workshops are organized, and this is the best platform for an artist to display his skills. “Brussels by Night” is a popular show that attracts a large number of tourists.

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