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Barbados - A land of Coral Reefs and spectacular events

by Richa G 24. May 2013 06:55

Barbados is a popular coral island nestled amidst the Caribbean Region. Due to several geographical changes, the destination was pushed out in the sea as a result of volcanic eruption. The destination has been blessed with unique natural attractions. The sea shores are stunning with white sand bordering azure blue waters. Besides scenic attractions, the destination has also gained a lot of popularity for its unique cultural events that are organized here from time to time.

Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show are organized by Harbour Lights, a famous open air beach front nightclub. Tourists, as well as locals, enjoy dancing in the cool sands of the beach on the beats of pulsating music. Cocktails flow freely, and the entertainment quotient is extremely high. As the night reaches its closure, the stuntmen of the area show their amazing skills. Tourists love to visit this event.

In the Calypso tent, Cave Shephard All Stars entertain the guests with their scintillating performances. Performers are also judged on the basis of their performances, and it is a fun night to enjoy along with friends and family.

Crop Over Festival in Barbados also attracts a large number of tourists. This is a popular festival entailing a wide array of events that culminates in a spell binding Parade. This is a festival marking the change in the season when the harvest of local Sugar Cane comes to a close. The festival is a perfect example of modernity with traditionality. Celebrations are full of music and dance.

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